Argyros Professor Thomas Turk To Serve As Interim Dean

Argyros Professor Thomas Turk

As of August 1, Thomas Turk will take on the role of Interim Dean at Chapman University’s Argyros School of Business and Economics. Turk is a fitting choice for this role as he has served on the school’s faculty for 15 years and even acted as associate dean for one year. He is currently an associate professor of management at the business school.

Before joining Chapman’s faculty, Turk worked at Texas A&M University for five years. The professor’s research has appeared in respected journals like Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Economic Inquiry and Journal of Economics and Business. Professor Turk specializes in analyzing corporate strategy, corporate governance and executive compensation issues. He received his Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the University of California, Irvine.

Turk offers his expertise on strategic planning, strategic change and executive compensation to business all over the country. He has done management training and consulting for a variety of companies, including Ford Motor Company, Time Warner Communications and Toyota.

Professor Turk will be replacing Reginald H. Gilyard as Dean. Gilyard, who has served as dean since 2012, will be missed at the school, and was even offered a five-year contract to stay on as dean. Gilyard turned down the contract, saying that he had, “… at least two other passions to pursue before I hit the retirement zone, and I believe a more near-term transition would be that right path for me and my family.” Gilyard intends to dedicate himself to veteran issues and aiding low-income earners. Prior to his term at Chapman, Gilyard worked as a Senior Adviser at Boston Consulting Group in Los Angeles.

Chapman University has undergone significant change in recent years. In addition Dean Gilyard’s resignation, Jim Doti, Chapman’s former president, stepped down last year. Doti had served as the school’s president for 25 years.


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