The Best Los Angeles Global MBA Programs

Best Los Angeles Global MBA

Globalization is a foregone conclusion in the business world. Emerging markets overseas are gaining economic momentum and cultural fluency of international issues are becoming increasingly essential for business leaders. MBA students and graduates who ignore the undeniable shift toward interconnected markets may be left behind in today’s globalized world.

For those looking for an MBA education that involves significant international experience, we’ve laid out the best Los Angeles Global MBA programs.

Anderson School of Management – UCLA

At UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, a broader perspective is always part of the conversation. Full-time MBA’s are required to participate in a Global Access Program for their master’s thesis. There are also optional global immersion and international exchange programs, designed to provide students with the knowledge they need to thrive in the new world economy. Both the global immersion and international exchange programs involve one week abroad. In the past, students have traveled to locations like Vietnam, India and Brazil.

Graziadio School of Business and Management – Pepperdine University

Graziadio School of Business and Management provides MBA’s with a plethora of study abroad options. They also offer an International MBA (IMBA). Graziadio’s program benefits from having partner universities in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and Latin America. In fact, Graziadio has a whopping 35 partner universities in 24 countries. In this immersive program, core MBA classes are combined with international business electives. Students on this track will have two study abroad experiences and an internationally-focused internship. This internship will provide experience-driven education with an international or multinational company. In order to pursue the IMBA program, students must have at least one year of full-time work experience. Students can also pursue a second degree with their IMBA, in France or Germany.

Marshall School of Business – USC

Until recently, Marshall School of business offered a Global Executive MBA program (GEMBA). This programming was a pioneer in US-Asia educational partnerships. Though this program is coming to an end, Marshall still offers an IBEAR MBA. This is an Accelerated International MBA for professionals with moderate work experience.

Jack Lewis, the program’s former Director, compared the structure to a microcosm of the United Nations. According to program’s current Director, Richard Drobnick, “The idea was the future of the world economy, the future of the US economy, is going to be ever more tightly-bound with the economies of the near west … USC’s Marshall School of Business was the first school to recognize that in any serious institutional way.”

The Paul Merage School of Business—University of California, Irvine

Though Paul Merage School of Business does not offer a standard Global MBA, students at this school can still get a unique global experience. Merage promotes the philosophy that world peace can be achieved through commerce and business education, and they encourage MBAs to take on roles as peace builders abroad. The school’s philosophy is that the global economy prospers during times of peace, so world peace is in everyone’s best interest. To aid in the goal of peace through commerce, Merage has cultivated partnerships in nations affected by conflict. The university sends its MBAs to these nations on peace building missions. Unique assignments like this make Merage an ideal school for prospective business school students hoping to use their educations to make a positive contribution.


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