Cambridge MBA Program Blogs Ends After 5 Years

Cambridge MBA program blog

The best MBA programs are always changing and improving. The business world doesn’t stand still, and so neither can business schools. It’s for that reason the University of Cambridge Judge Business School made a big update to their blog: they got rid of it.

According to Conrad Chua, the Executive Director of the Cambridge MBA program, while the MBA blog was valuable for many years, that value could not hold up in the current world. In the school’s last blog post, Chua explained the many reasons for moving on to greener pastures.

  1. Narrow Focus

The MBA blog, which was successful for more than five years and 127 posts, had a narrow focus: admissions. “Over the last few months, I did feel that this focus on admissions was a bit restrictive and that explains why my last post was almost 4 months ago,” explained Chua. And while the blog could have been expanded to include career information and more about the MBA program, it wasn’t enough of a reason to keep it around.

  1. Social Media

The changing times have made blogs less popular. Now, most people get their information on social media, and that’s where Chua feels Cambridge MBAs and future candidates will receive the greatest benefit. “When I first started the blog, we were only just experimenting with using Facebook and Twitter to connect with our candidates,” said Chua. “Today, we use LinkedIn, our website, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat, YouTube, and other blogs for students to write about their experiences.”

  1. Website Traffic

Finally, in the beginning, the blog was a great way to bring people to the Cambridge MBA website. In fact, at one point, the blog had more average monthly visitors than the school website. The problem was that this didn’t reveal anything incredible about the blog but instead showed how weak the website was. “I am happy it has now improved greatly, and we no longer need to rely on this blog to connect with our candidates,” said Chua.

So, for all those reasons, the Cambridge MBA blog will be no more. Instead, students and candidates should be on the lookout for an upcoming podcast series and more social media posting.


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