Imperial College MBA Graduates Offer Valuable Advice to Incoming Students

Imperial College MBA Graduate Advice

Getting accepted into an MBA program and graduating an MBA program are two very different experiences. When it comes to the former, gathering information is the most important thing you can do. You have little to no experience to speak of, and every bit of knowledge helps. For the latter, you’re walking away with a wealth of experience and knowledge that you probably wish you could have shared with your prior self.

At Imperial College Business School, recent MBA graduates had the opportunity to do just that. During graduation, they were interviewed and asked to share what advice they would pass on to incoming MBAs. Here’s what a few of the graduates had to say in a short, one-minute video.

“Find out as much as you can about the school and the other schools you’re looking at,” said Michael Rogerson, a full-time MBA graduate. “Meet as many of the students as you can, meet past students, talk to staff.”

Rogerson gave similar advice in a separate profile piece on the school website. The article dives more deeply into Rogerson’s experience at Imperial, what the community was like, how it felt to live in London and what he enjoys most about his current work.

As for the video, it continued with a few more MBA graduate interviewees offering their advice for incoming MBA students and potential applicants.

“Really make the most of the network you have around you,” said Nandish Bhatt, a Global Online MBA graduate. “They’re a great bunch of people, and you really need to rely on them because they’re the guys that make the course worth it for you.”

“The Global MBA is really a program for students that already have a life—a family,” said April Morina, another Global Online MBA graduate. “So, my advice is to never prioritize one over the other. It is possible to create a schedule for yourself.”

“It can be quite hectic,” full-time MBA graduate Kanika Kankan said. “There are a lot of subjects, a lot of exams and assignments, but don’t forget to have fun. Enjoy the city. Enjoy the courses.”

A final MBA graduate went on to encourage MBA candidates to give as much time to their studies as they give to the people around them. MBA programs are about networking as much as they are about learning the academic content.

To learn more about the various MBA programs available from Imperial College, visit the school website.


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