The Highest Paid MBA Starting Salaries in London

Highest Paid London MBA

The draws of London may be too numerous to list: from a booming global economy to robust historic and cultural attractions, the city has a little something for everyone.

It’s likely no surprise that the city would take the sixth spot in The Atlantic‘s list of the “World’s Best Cities for Business, Life and Innovation.” While a number of factors were taken into consideration for creating the list, London’s ranking was likely boosted by its top spot in financial/business employment, and its 2nd overall spot in attracting job-creating foreign investment.

Such attributes make London an ideal spot for those pursuing or graduating with MBA degrees. As a center for global business, the opportunities for someone with the skills of an MBA are seemingly endless. However, the same vibrancy that attracts visitors across the world to London can make it an incredibly expensive city to live in from day-to-day, and those considering a move will need to consider both the cost of the city as well as earning potential.

Thankfully, London is home to some of the top MBA programs in the world, boosting the hireability and earning potential of graduates.

The Highest Paid London MBA Salaries

Saïd Business School – University of Oxford

Students at the Saïd Business School at the world-renowned University of Oxford take their education to countries around the world and into a wide variety of industries. Even considering the uncertainty brought to businesses in UK with the ‘Brexit’ referendum, the salaries of Oxford MBA graduates continue to rise from from the previous class to 2016 graduates. The average class salary for recent MBA grads at Saïd was £69,132, or $93,404 US—an increase of almost $13,000 from the previous year. These salaries varied slightly with industry, with salary averages for fields like finance and consulting reaching $96,273 and $98,458, respectively.

London Business School

With a staggering 96 percent of MBA graduates from London Business School accepting an offer within just three months of graduation, LBS graduates don’t need to wait long to start their dream job, with hopefully a salary to match. For MBA graduates of LBS, the average salary could range between £32,000 and £151,000, with the mean coming at an impressive £77,600. Salaries varied slightly between industries and also by region, with LBS graduates staying in the UK making slightly less than those venturing to North America.

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Judge Business School—University of Cambridge

Graduates from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School will quickly realize the benefits of having such a well-regarded degree: about 92 percent of students from the graduating class received job offers within three months of earning their degree. The Cambridge MBA data also reveals the degree’s success in aiding those as they transition to a new career—98 percent of the 2015 graduating class switched either country, function, or industry sector just two years after graduating. The typical salary of Judge graduates increased greatly for the MBA class of 2015—likely a result of fluctuations in the pound after the Brexit decision—at a current average of £99,000, or, $133,792 USD.

Cass Business School—City University London

The Cass Business School at the City University London ranks among the top three schools for career development in the UK, a ranking reflected in the data of MBA graduates from the University. About 87 percent of MBA graduates reported a 53 percent increase in their salary. The average salary for MBA graduates at Cass is $99,000, with an even greater increase for those with an Executive MBA degree, at $130,000.


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