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USC Marshall Interviews

It’s been a busy week, but we’ve caught up with a few of the Los Angeles business school stories you need to know.

USC Marshall Professor on the Economics of Migrant PopulationsUSC Marshall News & Events

USC Marshall Professor of Finance and Business Economics Sandra Rozo recently gathered a group of scholars for a session on an issue with global resonance—the refugee crisis.

Rozo organized the ‘Conference on the Impacts of Refugees in Hosting Economies’ in order to address the effects of forced migration upon the social, economic and political climates in various countries.

The transformation of certain Turkish communities that experienced an influx of Syrian refugees was just one of the positive impacts that Rozo and her colleagues presented. In a collaboration with fellow economics professors, Rozo explored how the resettlement of over 3 million Syrian refugees resulted in measurable change in the nation’s economy.

The oil and gas industries, for example, experienced growth as a result of increased usage. A notable increase in new business formation also arose from the migration, as Syrians new to the country saw opportunity in partnering with Turkish entrepreneurs. The researchers discovered that there was a marked positive effect on the construction, hotel and restaurant industries after the migration.

Rozo points that the positive outcomes of migration must be explored along with the sometimes enormous negatives. “The media tend to focus on the negative but the effects of displaced populations cannot be generalized in one way or another.  We’re asking what the impacts are so we can ameliorate the negative and amplify the positive.”

Keynote speaker George Borjas of Harvard’s Kennedy School opened the conference, and Paolo Verme of the World Bank delivered the closing address.

You can read more on the research here.

Mihaylo College’s Landmark Home Turns TenMihaylo News

As the largest accredited business school on the West Coast of the U.S., Mihaylo Business School at Cal State Fullerton needed a building that would make a statement. The university celebrates 10 years since the completion of this landmark structure for the Mihaylo College with alumni, donors, and staff on September 28, 2018.

Image result for Steven G. Mihaylo Hall

Steven G. Mihaylo Hall, built in ’08 / Photo via

In 2008, the school hired internationally celebrated firm HOK to design the state-of-the-art Steven G. Mihaylo Hall. The 195,000 square-feet, $89 million building contains 10,000 students and hundreds of faculty.

The shift in the U.S. economy has been vast since the late ’00s, and the growth of Mihaylo’s programs has followed a similar trajectory.

With sustainable design elements throughout the building that minimize environmental impact, Mihaylo Hall set a high standard for future building projects across campus. The Women’s Leadership Program, Mihaylo Career Services, and a state-of-the-art trading lab are just a few of the developments that grew forth after the building’s completion. Read more about the building and its decade of success here.

USC Marshall Welcomes 9 New FacultyMetroMBA

MetroMBA recently spoke with several of the newest members of the USC Marshall faculty, joining the business school for 2018-19.

David Bacci, a new lecturer in the Department of Business Communication, says:

“Simply stated, my teaching philosophy is to train to students to be the types of great employees I would hire. I spent 10+ years in various industries and in management. In my experience, employers will teach their employees the technical skills required to do their jobs. But employers will not teach employees how to communicate; how to show up each day; how to engage with their boss and coworkers; and how to use their soft skills to add organizational value—employers simply expect people to have these skills already developed. Given this gap, I see my role as a professor to teach students how to use their communication skills to distinguish themselves as ‘great’ amongst a sea of ‘good.’”

You can read more from our recent interviews here.


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