UCLA Anderson Provides 7 Reasons to Pursue an MBA

UCLA Master of Business Analytics

1. More Earning Potential

Earning an MBA will also earn you a substantial pay bump post-MBA. Depending on the industry, you could also receive a large signing bonus, relocation allowance, and more.

2. Transition to a New Role or Industry

If you’re tired of your current industry or job, then an MBA can help you make a transition to another industry or function. In fact, that’s why many students head to business school—to make a career pivot.

3. Better Leadership Skills

Even after three to five years of work experience, you can still learn more about being a leader. An MBA is a great way to develop your soft skills, particularly your leadership skills. This can help you transition into a managerial position.

4. Gain Technical Skills

You’re never done learning, and when you go into an MBA program, that’s truer than ever. Throughout the core curriculum, you’ll gain a broader and more in-depth understanding of business fundamentals. You can even dive down into specific topics or disciplines based on your career choice, pursuing electives that interest you.

5. Expand Your Network

You can never have too many people in your network. As an MBA student, you’ll meet a ton of new people and expand your network to contain some of the brightest business individuals around. You’ll work side-by-side with your classmates and be introduced to a far-ranging group of alumni who you can count on for help in the future.

6. Become an Entrepreneur

An MBA program is also a great choice for budding entrepreneurs. Many students who come into the program meet a classmate or come up with an idea that allows them to launch their own venture.

7. Make an Impact

Many students enter into an MBA program with the idea of making an impact on the world. During your program, you’ll develop a stronger awareness about the importance of sustainability and social entrepreneurship. You’ll learn how to be a force of good in the world.

Read the full blog from the UCLA Anderson MBA admissions team here and how Anderson backs up each of these seven reasons.

This story was edited and republished with permissions from its original source, Clear Admit.


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