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For better and worse, the Bay Area continues to reign as the global tech hub. But what has evolved in recent years is tech’s relationship to MBA graduates. MBAs were once personas non-grata in Silicon Valley. While newer startups won’t likely have a use for you, the big boys and girls of tech—the Slacks, Adobes, Twitters, Facebooks, Googles, Apples, etc.—certainly do. This week is focused on opportunities that allow MBA graduates to apply their PM skills to Bay Area tech.

Security Program Manager — Adobe

Adobe software is on most desktop and laptop computers, whether users know it or not. Focusing on multimedia and creativity software, Adobe’s best-known programs are Acrobat, Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator, which help steer various industries around the world.

Adobe’s new Security Program Manager can work in either San Francisco or San Jose.

Adobe is hiring a Security Program Manager to work out of its San Francisco or San Jose office. The person hired will join the Adobe Security Software Engineering Team. As a member of the team, he/she is responsible for driving company-wide security initiatives. In addition, the person hired will work with teams across the company as well as various vendors, partners, and customers to maximize security awareness and influence positive security outcomes, among other concerns. Candidates should have at least three years of previous relevant experience, and an MBA is preferred.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Serving as the primary point of contact to external security vendors
  • Organizing and scheduling penetration tests
  • Managing security assessment projects

More opportunities can be found at the Adobe website.

Strategy and Operations Program Manager, Google Customer Solutions — Google

Although it started in a Silicon Valley garage as a humble search engine called BackRub, Google is now the far-and-away leader in internet search and advertising and offers a wide suite of cloud applications.

Google is hiring a Strategy and Operations Program Manager to work at the company’s office in Redwood City, a suburb of San Francisco. The person hired for this position will join the Google Customer Solutions Revenue Programs team, which is responsible for driving global insights and recommendations that allow the company to expand its advertising business.

The person’s responsibility will be helping the company improve by offering insights on a variety of topics. Candidates should have at least three years of prior relevant experience, and an MBA is preferred.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Leading quantitative analysis efforts
  • Developing comprehensive strategies
  • Working with cross-functional teams to push projects forward

The Google website has many other opportunities available for MBA students.

Product Manager – WEC — Walmart

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world in terms of revenue, as well as the largest private employer in the world. Operating more than 11,000 stores globally, Walmart is well known for its affordable array of products and its lax parking lot policies.

Walmart is hiring a Project Manager to work out of its office in San Bruno, a southern suburb of San Francisco. The person hired for this job will work to develop action plans for the company by providing expert technical advice and guidance to others.

In addition, he or she will support the implementation of business initiatives by building relationships, identifying needs, monitoring progress, and adapting to competing changes and responsibilities. Candidates for this position should have an MBA and at least one year of prior relevant experience.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Developing a product vision, strategy, and roadmap
  • Managing vendor relationships
  • Supporting product implementation and deployment by working with Engineering and Product Management teams

Visit the Walmart website to learn about more opportunities.

Senior Strategy Manager — Indeed

Indeed is the largest employment website in the United States. The website attracts 250 million unique viewers each month and stores 150 million resumes. Indeed is available in 60 different countries in 28 languages.

Indeed is hiring a Senior Strategy Manager to work out of its San Francisco office. The person hired to this position will work on the company’s Corporate Development team. This team is tasked with growing Indeed. The person hired will work with departments across the company to identify and evaluate opportunities. Candidates for this position should have experience in public equity research as well as management consulting and tech equity research. The company prefers candidates to have an MBA.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Conducting in-depth research
  • Developing views on industry and product trends
  • Recommending growth and competitive strategy for Indeed

More positions can be found at the Indeed website.


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