Jan 13, 2020

Philadelphia or Pittsburgh: Which City Should I Choose?

Philadelphia or Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania’s two major cities—Philadelphia and Pittsburgh—are key geographic connectors and historical seats of political and economic influence in the U.S. These two urban centers have much to offer those moving to the next stage of their career. In this installment of Which City Should I Choose? we compare Philadelphia and Pittsburgh so you can decide which city is a better fit for you.

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Jan 9, 2020

The Top 5 MBA Grad Salaries in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Salary

Where should you earn your MBA in Pennsylvania if you want to walk away with a high salary upon graduation? We’re breaking down the top five MBA programs for high salaries in Pennsylvania: Wharton, Tepper, Smeal, Katz, and LeBow.

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Dec 4, 2019

Where Should I Work: Google or Oracle?

Tech is a sociocultural juggernaut. It exerts its omnipotent force not only in terms of the services and products we elect to uphold our modern world, but also in terms of how we make a living. One might argue that in one shape or form, most of us work in—or for—the tech industry. If you’re the glass half-full type, the pervasiveness of tech suggests there are more opportunities to tilt the industry—even slightly—toward social good.

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Oct 3, 2019

Wharton’s MBA Deferred Admission Program Expanding

Wharton MBA Deferred Admission

Promising undergraduate students outside of the University of Pennsylvania will now have a chance to participate in The Wharton School MBA deferred admissions program. This adds to the Wharton School’s existing Moelis Advance Access Program for UPenn undergraduates and the MBA sub-matriculation program for Wharton undergraduates.

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