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The online MBA isn’t what is used to be. Just a few years ago, an online degree was considered a “fake” degree. Now, that couldn’t be further from the truth. At top schools like the Lehigh University College of Business and Economics, an online MBA is more than a mode of study; it’s an invaluable experience.

For Lehigh, that experience starts with their program, curriculum, and overall design. That’s why the University decided to rebrand their MBA as a Flex MBA. Calling it a Flex MBA is a far better descriptor since Lehigh created the program to provide the best in convenience, flexibility, and on-campus and online learning.

And there’s no doubt that it’s working. The Lehigh Flex MBA is AACSB accredited and ranked as the #8 best Online MBA in the nation by the 2016 U.S. News & World Report.

“One thing that we are conscious of is that our students should be treated equally whether they are attending full-time or part-time, on campus or online,” explains Michael Tarantino, Director of Recruitment & Admissions at Lehigh University. “We offer the same student support, advising, and career development to all of our Flex MBA students whether they live down the block or across the country.”

Lehigh’s Flex MBA

Lehigh’s Flex MBA stands out because it was designed to address today’s business challenges conveniently and dynamically without sacrificing career opportunities or time. Students can choose between on-campus study and distance education. Even better, they can mix and match their learning modes as much or as little as they want. The Lehigh Flex MBA fits into a student’s lifestyle, not the other way around.

Michael O’Rourke, a current Flex MBA student and Marketing Executive for the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development, says it best. “Simply put, the Lehigh Flex MBA makes it possible for me to earn a world-class business education, no matter whether I’m attending on campus, at home, or traveling internationally for my job.”

There are four areas in particular that stand out when it comes to Lehigh’s Flex MBA: the curriculum, flexibility, learning environment, and support.

  1. Curriculum

Lehigh’s Flex MBA curriculum is challenging, dynamic, and committed to excellence. No matter if students attend classes Full-Time, Part-Time, or online they take the same great classes with the same exceptional faculty. The core curriculum incorporates global business, cultural intelligence, organizational leadership, sustainability, crisis management, social consciousness, ethical decision-making, and business consulting.

The key is Lehigh’s dedication to a curriculum that fuels careers. MBAs receive an education focused on the continuous integration of relevant concepts and challenges faced by the business community at large. In that way, every student develops the most current and applicable knowledge and skills.

The 36-credit program is the culmination of the experiences of Lehigh’s faculty and their commitment to a relevant graduate business education. And the timeline for graduation is based on each student’s requirements. Some students finish in just under two years, while others take a full six years to graduate. It’s completely up to each individual.

  1. Flexibility

The biggest selling point of Lehigh’s Flex MBA can be found in its name: flexibility. “Work/life balance is already hard enough, so we wanted to design a program that fit better into a student’s current schedule, instead of one that makes life more difficult,” says Tarantino.

The Lehigh MBA is unique compared to other programs because students can seamlessly move from part-time to full-time, on-campus to online, and vice versa. There’s no deadline to make the change and no limit to what students’ can do.

“As your life cycle rolls on, the Flex MBA program can adapt and be with you along the way,” explains Tarantino. “If you get transferred, you can finish online. If you travel a lot for work, you can go back and forth from the classroom to the online platform. If you lose your job, you can finish full-time and receive your degree faster.”

In fact, you don’t even have to live anywhere near Philadelphia to earn your MBA from Lehigh. Distance education MBA students have the same learning experience as those near the city. It’s all about the carefully crafted learning experience.

“Due to my hectic and unpredictable work schedule, I knew that the ability to participate remotely would be a critical component of any part-time MBA program that I chose,” explains O’Rourke. “I was concerned, however, that I would be sacrificing the liveliness and intimacy of the in-class experience. Not so with ClassroomLIVE. It has allowed me to interact with my professors and colleagues in real-time, so that I feel like I’m truly present in class.”

  1. Learning Environment

Lehigh’s learning environment is all about their students. They’ve made it so that every student feels like they are in the same classroom with every other student in the program, even if they aren’t present on-campus. This unique interaction and environment are possible thanks to two web-based platforms: ClassroomLIVE and Blackboard Connect.

  • ClassroomLIVE

ClassroomLIVE is an integrated, web-based learning environment that delivers Lehigh’s MBA classes in real-time, online. It allows students to participate in class on campus, in their homes, at their work, or while traveling. In fact, students can interact with their professors and peers just like they would on campus.

“ClassroomLIVE offers a terrific, multi-faceted platform to participate in class. It’s easy to ask questions and share your thoughts—you simply click a button that virtually ‘raises your hand,”’ explains O’Rourke. “It was a nice surprise to discover that I could even participate in small-group discussion by being placed in a video chat room with other remote students.”

  • Blackboard Connect

Blackboard Connect is a notification system that offers fast, reliable, and effective communication. It allows students and professors to reach anyone at anytime. It works via phone, email, SMS, social media, and more to make sure that every MBA in the program is always in touch.

“Blackboard brings the classroom to your home,” says Tarantino. “Students can use their cameras and headsets to communicate directly with faculty and classmates. In essence, Blackboard Connect extends the classroom environment to wherever students are, and our online students do not miss a thing except shaking hands before class begins.”

  1. Support

Finally, Lehigh knows that the key to an exceptional MBA experience is the support that students receive. No matter if you’re an on-campus student or an MBA that attends classes entirely online, you still have access to the same resources and programs. “For professionals like me with hectic lives, I think it’s really wonderful that Lehigh provides the time and space to focus on your personal growth, and to get to know your classmates on a deeper level,” says O’Rourke.

In particular, Lehigh’s Professional Development Program is open to all students, at any time. “Our Professional Development Program is a key feature of the Lehigh Flex MBA,” says Tarantino. “The program assists students with career and personal growth through opportunities to network, learn more about their own personality and management styles, and even 1-on-1 career coaching.”

The Lehigh Flex MBA program’s goal is to make sure that every student gets the most out of his or her MBA.

“The Lehigh Flex MBA was the only program I found that met all my requirements: an AACSB-accredited and highly ranked curriculum, flexible delivery options via Classroom LIVE, affordability, and a truly global mindset with regard to business education and our personal growth,” says O’Rourke. “Plus, I’ve felt an overwhelming sense of support and camaraderie in my cohort. I’ve heard anecdotes from colleagues in other MBA programs who lament how impersonal and/or negatively competitive their experiences are. Not at Lehigh. We all are trying to better ourselves and each other both as managers and people.”


Learn more about what it takes to become a dynamic and contributing business leader and how choosing the Lehigh MBA can fuel your career for years to come.

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