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Though women are more educated than men (40.7% of women in the workforce have a Bachelor’s degree or higher compared to 36.4% of men), they also have a higher unemployment rate (5.1% VS 4.9%), according to the United States Department of Labor. On top of that, on average, women earn just 81.2% of the salary that a man would make in the same occupation. And that’s exactly why organizations such as Women For Hire exist and why they are so vital.

What Is Women For Hire?

Women For Hire is an organization entirely dedicated to helping women find and obtain jobs. Founded in 1999, the company offers an array of recruitment services and resources specifically for women. Women have the option of attending online career fairs, listening to inspiring speeches and seminars, and participating in customized marketing programs and classes. Women For Hire also offers a plethora of career-related information and videos to help women improve their hire-ability.

In addition, Women For Hire has partnerships and certifications from some of the leading women-focused organizations in the country. The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certifies the organization as a women-owned business. They’ve also partnered with Flex-Friendly, which promotes flexibility in the workplace, as well as SafeWork 2010, a national initiative focused on ending domestic violence.

Women for Hire: A History

Women For Hire started in June 1999 when CEO, Tory Johnson, started cold-calling employers asking them to participate in her career expo. The first job fair was held in New York on October 1999. In total, 50 companies attended along with 1,000 women. It was a huge success with many prominent women in attendance. And everything took off from there.

By 2001, Tory had received a call from President Clinton commending her for her work. Then, in 2002, the organization published its first book, Women For Hire: The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job. A few years later, Tory became a regular contributor on AMBC’s Good Morning America, and a few years after that, in 2007, the Women For Hire Network hit the 30,000-member mark. Finally, by 2013, six books had been published, a new Spark & Hustle event had been created for women entrepreneurs, and Women For Hire went virtual.

Women For Hire Resources

Why should you care about Women For Hire? It’s a valuable resource for any woman looking to get a new job, improve her skill set, start a new business, or work from home. There are a few critical resources that are worth knowing about.

Job Board

The Job Board is for employers and candidates. Women can type in keywords, their location, the industry, and the type of company they’re looking for (employer or staffing firm) and get a list of hundreds of jobs that match their criteria. As for employers, they pay a low rate to post jobs for 30 days.


For a small $20 fee, women can sign up to attend Tory Johnson’s Work From Home Webinar. The webinar is perfect for women looking to start their own business at home or to earn money freelancing, blogging, taking surveys, and more. It’s a 90-minute program that includes a resource guide and contacts.


In partnership with Arise, a work-from-home software solution, women can take five short, work-from-home classes online. Each class is a short audio session with advice about working from home and how women can get started and earn money.

Job Coaching

One of the biggest benefits of Women For Hire includes its resources for career women. Women can download a variety of resume and cover letter templates to help them land the job they want. There’s also a directory of career coaches and experts to help women transition into their career, write a better resume, perform better in interviews, and more. Finally, there’s a blog that contains advice on everything from “Interview Dos and Don’ts” to “Professional Dress and Appearance” and “Negotiating Salary.”

Spark & Hustle

Attached but separate from Women For Hire, Spark & Hustle is a program specifically for women looking to start their own business. Tory Johnson and Jenn Lee, who both have expertise in small business, run it. Lifetime membership costs just $149 and offers access to a community of like-minded businesswomen. Spark & Hustle also provides individualized consulting that can last from one hour to one week, a month, or more.

In Conclusion

Overall, Women For Hire is the perfect online location for women in business. It’s particularly helpful for women looking to work from home or find a job at a top company in their area.

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