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Alliance Manchester Business School – University of Manchester - Full-Time MBA

Alliance Manchester Full-Time MBA Program Structure

The Alliance Manchester Full-Time MBA Program gives students the flexibility to study over 18 or 15 months. Students have access to personal career support, an international alumni network, electives at six global centres, internship opportunities and more.


Professors employ case studies, group work, and practice-based learning, referred to as the “Manchester Method,” to teach the curriculum. Using simulations, real-life case studies, business competitions, internships, team-building exercises, and group work, the goal of the Manchester Method is to prepare students for the real business world.

Classes for each of the three full-time MBA options begin in September and end either the following September, December, or April, as students complete core courses in a trimester pattern. No matter which pathway a student chooses, everyone completes their core courses in the first nine months while concurrently working on live client projects, which include the Not-for-Profit Project, International Business Project, and Commercial Business Project.

Because of the flexible, customizable nature of the Manchester MBA, there is no exact set number of credits or electives needed to graduate. Within all three full-time MBA paths, students have the option to choose between taking electives or completing business simulations or internships. For example, in the 15-month path, students who have finished their core course requirements can choose between either completing an internship, taking two electives, or taking one elective and a business simulation.


Alliance Manchester Full-Time MBA Rankings

  • Financial Times: 4th in the United Kingdom

Class Profile

AMBS enrolled 113 students in the Class of 2020, which includes 39% women and a staggering 83% international students. The class had experience in a variety of industries before entering the MBA program, including 26% in financial services, 12% in manufacturing, 10% in consulting, and 10% in energy. The average age of the incoming student was 29, with an average of six years of prior professional work experience.

Career Statistics

By the end of the year, 92% of the Class of 2018 seeking a job had accepted an offer. Many graduates accepted jobs in the UK, with 44% of students choosing to remain in the same country as their post-graduate education. Following the UK, the most popular geographical choices for 2018 graduates were Asia at 26%, continental Europe at 10%, and MENA and Central America & Caribbean at 7% each.

Consulting was the most popular post-MBA industry, attracting 23% of the Class of 2018 graduates. The next most popular choice was financial services at 21%, followed by technology at 18%, healthcare at 8%, retail at 7%, and manufacturing at 6%.

Tuition, Scholarships, and Fees

For the MBA program beginning in Fall 2021, tuition is £46,000, no matter which path a student chooses to take, and includes fees and stage one core course textbooks. Estimated living expenses for a single student, including accommodation, is £1,100/month, which brings the total estimated expenses to £63,800 for the 18-month option, £60,500 for the 15-month option, and £57,200 for the shortest, 12-month option.



AMBS offers eight rounds of applications from September to June. International students who want to be considered for scholarships must apply by the February deadline. The last round is only open to EU/UK passport holders who do not need a visa to study in the UK.

Applicants are required to submit a completed application form, transcripts from previous institutions attended (the school notes it expects applicants to be in top 25% of class), CV, two required essays, a presentation, two professional references, GMAT or GRE score, three years of professional experience, name/photo page from passport, passport-sized head-and-shoulders photo, and English Language score report if applicable. If the initial application is successful, the admissions staff will contact applicants to arrange an interview. Manchester offers either on-campus interviews or Skype/video conferencing.

Application Checklist:
Application form
Admission essays and presentation
CV / Resumé
Two professional references
GMAT/GRE score report
English Language score report (if applicable)
Degree transcript and certificate
Photo / name page from your passport
Passport sized head and shoulders photo

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