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Palumbo-Donahue Graduate School of Business – Duquesne University - Professional MBA

Palumbo-Donahue Professional MBA Program Structure

The Palumbo-Donahue Professional MBA offers a flexible format, which allows you to start in the fall, spring, or summer. The program can be completed full-time or part-time in just two years.  For an additional 10.5 credits, complete a STEM MBA with a stackable, hybrid Certificate in Analytics & Information Management or Supply Chain Management. The Professional MBA program is offered in a variety of formats – 100% online, on-campus, or a mix. Students can start the Professional MBA in the fall (late August), spring (mid-January), or summer (mid-May) semesters.

Students who wish to complete the majority of their classes online are encouraged to start the program in the fall or spring semester due to availability. In addition, a summer or fall start is required if you need any or all of the fundamental courses. Even in its online format, the Capstone course will have several synchronous virtual requirements during the semester.

The Professional MBA allows students to earn a joint degree.  With this option, students earn two graduate degrees at once with opportunities for credit sharing between the programs.

If you pursue the program part-time, you may complete the program in as little as 6-7 semesters (2-2 ½ years) depending on the need for fundamental courses. As a full-time student, you may complete the program in 4-5 semesters (less than two years) depending on the need for fundamental courses.

Courses that are three (3) credit hours will meet for the duration of the full semester (15 weeks for spring and fall semesters or 12 weeks for the summer semester). Courses that are 1.5 credit hours will meet for the first half or second half of the semester (7 weeks for fall and spring semesters and 6 weeks for the summer semester)


The Professional MBA consists of 36 credits of required core courses and 6 credits of Fundamental courses, to ensure that you have the necessary skills to be competitive, for a total of 42 credits. Fundamental courses may be waived if you have taken equivalent coursework within the past 5 years in accounting, economics, finance, and statistics and have earned a B- or better. If all fundamental courses are waived, you may be able to complete your MBA in just 36 credits. Wavier decisions are made and communicated at the time of admission.

The curriculum focuses on the following core areas:

– Responsible leadership

– Entrepreneurial mindset

– Sustainability principles

– Cultural intelligence

Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

The estimated tuition for the Palumbo-Donahue Professional MBA is $48,096 for the 36 credit program and $56,112 for the 42 credit program. In addition to tuition, graduate students may also incur fees for administrative services, room and meals, if applicable.

Duquesne University is offering a 25% tuition award for select graduate programs. To be eligible for this limited-time award, students must:

– Apply and be accepted to one of the eligible academic programs and

– Enroll in at least six credits per semester. Students who enroll in fewer than six credits in any given semester will not be eligible for this award for that semester.

All candidates are eligible for merit scholarships and may be eligible for one fellowship or graduate assistantship:

  • Difference Makers Award – Minimum scholarship of $4,000 for an admitted MBA-SBP applicant with an undergraduate or graduate GPA of 3.0 or better in any major. Graduates from a college/university outside of the U.S. can be considered with an equivalent GPA.
  • Dean’s Scholars Award – Minimum scholarship of $5,000 for an admitted MBA-SBP applicant with an undergraduate or graduate GPA of 3.5 or better in any major. Graduates from a college/university outside of the U.S. can be considered with an equivalent GPA.
  • Duquesne University Alumni Achievement Scholarship – Minimum scholarship of $5,000 for an admitted MBA-SBP applicants who completed their undergraduate or graduate degree at Duquesne University. Criteria for consideration will include GPA and extracurricular involvement.
  • Donahue Graduate School of Business Excellence Award – Minimum scholarship of $6,000 for admitted MBA-SBP applicants with two years or more of significant work experience and an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better. Graduates from a college/university outside of the U.S. can be considered with an equivalent GPA.
  • National Black MBA Scholarship provides up to $21,000 in funding ($7,000/semester) to admitted applicants in the MBA in Sustainable Business Practices program and must meet the scholarship criteria of the National Black MBA Association Pittsburgh Chapter.

A limited number of fellowships and graduate assistantships are available to each cohort. A GMAT/GRE score is required to be eligible for a fellowship. A GMAT/GRE or a 3.5/4.0 GPA (undergraduate or graduate) is required to be eligible for a graduate assistantship.

  • Sustainability Fellowships (up to 10 per academic year) are awarded to work on research and publication projects with faculty.
  • Eugene P. Beard Sustainability Fellowships (2 per academic year for U.S. Citizens, $25,000 each) are awarded to work on groundbreaking research related to the ethical management of financial, social, environmental, and informational resources.
  • Small Business Development Fellowships are available to support Duquesne’s efforts to advance sustainability practices with small and start-up businesses in the region.
  • Coverdell Peace Corps Fellowships are offered to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to work on a self-designed local initiative that serves the Peace Corps’ “third goal.”
  • Graduate Assistantships provide partial tuition remission in exchange for service to the university on specialized assignments. Graduate Assistants in the MBA-SBP receive between 4.5-9 credits of tuition assistance each semester in exchange for 10-20 hours per week of work. These positions are only awarded for the fall and spring semesters, for a maximum of 18 credits of tuition assistance. To qualify, applicants must have a competitive GMAT or GRE score, or a 3.5/4.0 GPA in a prior degree (undergraduate or graduate).


The following requirements are needed for application to the Palumbo-Donahue Professional MBA: Official transcripts, GMAT?GRE scores (You may qualify for a GMAT/GRE waiver based upon your undergraduate GPA, work experience, or previously earned a master’s/terminal degree.), two professional letters of recommendation, one essay, and an updated resume.

Palumbo-Donahue Professional MB Essay Topics

– Please provide a summary of your academic and professional background, current career endeavors, motivation for pursuing a graduate business education, and future career goals.

– The Palumbo-Donahue School of Business is in “The Business of Difference Making.” Explain what this means to you and how you would contribute to this goal as a student and eventually as an alumnus(a).


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