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Oct 11, 2017

Want To Work For NBCUniversal? An MBA Can Help

Want To Work For NBCUniversal? An MBA Can Help

NBCUniversal is among the world’s largest entertainment companies, bringing “the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news and information to a global audience.” From television networks and a motion picture company to theme parks and Internet-based businesses, NBCUniversal is the perfect place for an MBA to put their degree to work.

NBCUniversal History

Both NBC and Universal were founded in the early 20th century, with Universal opening in 1915 as “the only moving-picture city in the world” and NBC as the nation’s first permanent radio networking beginning in 1926. Over the years, the companies have been responsible for some of the most memorable moments of entertainment history, such as the 1936 Berlin Olympics broadcast over NBC Radio, hosting the first presidential TV debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon on NBC in 1960, and the premier of now-classic films like Back to the Future on Universal.

In 2004, NBC and Universal officially became one company—NBCUniversal—joining together cable networks like USA, SCI FI, Bravo and others with Universal’s movie studio and theme parks in Hollywood and Orlando.

Why Work at NBCUniversal?

With such a vast portfolio of companies and networks within NBCUniversal, someone with an advanced business degree can find a number of places throughout the company that can benefit from their in-depth business knowledge and leadership. Roles are available at the company all throughout the country in a number of business fields such as Human Resources, Business Development, Communications, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Ad Sales, Public Relations, and more.

Getting Your Foot in the Door

NBC Universal offers a number of Internships and Campus 2 Career programs that give opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students, with many of these opportunities can lead to full-time roles. Through the Campus 2 Career center at NBCUniversal, a number of roles are available in fields like Marketing, Human Resources, Web Content Management, Ad Sales and more.

Every semester, recruiters from NBC Universal request interns through the Campus 2 Career center. The company also hosts special recruiting and networking events, working alongside organizations such as the Society of Hispanic Engineers or the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA).

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Typically, internships at NBCUniversal run from three to four months long, coinciding with the school semesters. The internships are paid, although salary varies by department, and—while not guaranteed—can often result in getting hired for a full-time role with the company.

For recently graduated MBAs, the company also offers a number of Early Career & Leadership programs, such as the East/West Coast Page Program or the Experienced Commercial Leadership Program.

What Type of Jobs are Available?

Through the Campus 2 Career program, NBC Universal has a number of openings for interns in a variety of business departments. Below are just some of the roles currently available at the company which specifically seek MBA candidates.

  • Digital Distribution MBA Intern—Universal City, CA
  • MBA Strategy & Business Development Intern—Universal City, CA
  • Home Entertainment: MBA Strategy Intern—Universal City, CA

NBCUniversal is dedicated to advancing the careers of individuals who are passionate about their work and want to move into higher-level management or leadership roles. Programs like the International Future Leaders Programme expose early-career post-graduates to four different roles over the course of two years, allowing them to experience work in all three of the company business units. Participants in this program will also gather together at the end of the program to work on a project with a real impact within the company. They will also attend a number of courses specifically designed to train up-and-coming managers.

Programs like the NYU Stern School of Business full-time MBA, which gives students an opportunity to focus their studies towards earning a career in the entertainment industry, give a definitive advantage. Several Stern MBA grads do, in fact, work with the entertainment giant.

Even if the path of an MBA may not be your preferred journey, you can always become a page.

Oct 2, 2017

NYU Stern Alumni Create Scholarships for Community College Transfers

NYU Stern Alumni Create Scholarships for Community College Transfers

The journey to college can be a long and winding one. For some, it starts in community college. But from there, students can end up in one of the best business schools in the country. Like the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Alumni of its MBA and undergraduate programs are now easing that transition for some of the best students switching from community college to major university with some scholarships, per a new press release. The school established three new scholarship funds for two-year community college students who’ve been admitted into NYU Stern. These scholarships are engineered to go to students in need, helping low-income individuals get access to the education they deserve.

Howard Meyers Scholars

The Howard Meyers Family Foundation donated $3 million for the effort. Meyers graduated from Stern’s undergraduate program in 1964. This fund will go directly to community college students hoping to make NYU their next stop, who will be called Howard Meyers Scholars. Applicants need to prove two-years worth of academic excellence and go on to complete their junior and senior years at NYU, with the first two scholars attending in fall 2018.

Pamela J. Craig Scholar Fund

MBA graduate Pamela Craig launched the Pamela J. Craig Scholar Fund, which will go toward students who attend CUNY schools, particularly those from LaGuardia Community College. Craig leads a mentor program there. Her mission is to increase access and inclusivity among diverse students. This fund should help push that further.

Martin Cohen Scholarship Fund

An additional $300,000 gift is will go toward creating the Martin Cohen Scholarship Fund, which will also begin in fall 2018 for two CUNY students per year. The fund will help each student’s last two years of college. Once these scholars wrap up their undergraduate years, perhaps they can go on to obtain their MBAs—at NYU Stern.

Sep 12, 2017

NYU Stern Hosts Economic Outlook Forum

NYU Stern Hosts Economic Outlook Forum

New York University’s Stern School of Business hosted the invitation-only Economic Outlook Forum last week, which featured an array of established financial experts from prominent business institutions.

The forum was titled, “The Economic and Market Outlook.” NYU Stern Director of the Center for Global Economy and Business Kim Schoenholtz moderated the discussion, which featured three panelists, including: Citigroup’s Willem Buiter, Deutsche Bank’s Peter Hooper, and Berenberg’s Mickey Levy.

Buiter is the Global Chief Economist at Citigroup, where he has worked since 2010. Formerly in London and now based in New York City, Buiter also teaches at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

Hooper is the Managing Director and Chief Economist for Deutsche Bank Securities, where he has worked since 1999. Before that, Hooper spent 26 years with the Federal Reserve Board in Washington DC.

Levy has spent over 30 years researching economic and public policy. Prior to Berenberg, Levy worked at Bank of America. Similar to Hooper, Levy has ties with Federal Reserve Banks.

Schoenholtz, who has worked at NYU Stern since 2009 after a stint with Citigroup, proved to be the perfect moderator. He’s an expert on money, banking, and macroeconomics with an immense global experience, having worked in New York City, London, and Tokyo. His influence continues as he sits on the Financial Research Committee of the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Financial Research, as well as U.S. Monetary Policy Forum.

Different universities have hosted their own Economic Outlook Forums, including the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Towson University.

Sep 5, 2017

The New Faculty Joining NYU Stern This Fall

The New Faculty Joining NYU Stern This Fall

Seven new faculty members are joining New York University’s Stern School of Business this coming school year, according to a new press release from the school.

The 2017-18 academic school year will have two new tenure-track professors, two clinical professors, and three visiting professors. The tenure track professors include Joshua Loftus, Assistant Professor of Information, Operations, and Management Sciences, and Walker Hanlon, Assistant Professor of Economics. Clinical Associate Professor of Finance Kathleen DeRose and Clinical Professor of Marketing Paul Hardart join alongside the tenure track professors.

As for visiting professors, they are:

  • Bryan Hong – Visiting Assistant Professor of Management
  • Pricila Maziero – Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Ning Su – Visiting Associate Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences

DeRose, a financial technology expert, isn’t exactly new to the school, however, having been an adjunct since last year. Hong is interested in a business’ social responsibility. He’s currently studying how firms can deal with future disruptions. Hanlon will add an interesting variety to the school’s economics lessons. He studies the economy from a historical perspective. He’s currently looking at pollution, too, and its impacts on employment. Hanlon previously taught at Princeton University.

The business school already features a robust roster of faculty. These seven will only add to the school’s respected professors like Jennifer Carpenter and Nouriel Roubini.

Sep 5, 2017

Top MBA Recruiters: Unilever

Top MBA Recruiters: Unilever

A job is possible for any determined MBA graduate. Obviously, the ideal job differs from graduate to graduate, but if you’re into sustainable choices for consumers, Unilever might be right for you. The company specializes in household products like soap, shampoo, and even iced tea. Well-known brands like Lipton and Dove are also underneath the Unilever umbrella.

The corporation consistently makes it on Forbes‘ top companies lists. Currently, Unilever is 103rd on the Global 2000 and 87th for America’s Best Employers. In 2013, it also came in 63rd among Innovative Companies. While students who study health and medicine rank the company highest, business and commerce students ranked it 12th in terms of attractiveness, according to Universum data. Broadly, LinkedIn ranked Unilever 8th in the world in a list of attractive employers.

The company employees 169,000 people with 46 percent of its managers women. With an MBA, maybe you could be next.

Why Unilever?

Unilever’s been around since 1930. It made bar soap a thing. It also helped popularize margarine, fish fingers, and frozen vegetables. The company truly revolutionized the modern age. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a legacy?

Unilever is also global: Its Indian branch, Hindustan Unilever, was ranked one of the world’s most innovative companies this year by Forbes for how it broke up the country into clusters to cater to different regions appropriately. The company has branches in Africa, throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. So a job at Unilever can take you anywhere in the world.

The corporation isn’t like most. It has a clear mission, one dedicated to health and well-being. It’s launched campaigns around the world to help bring facts around nutrition to developing countries. Unilever is currently working on halving the environmental impact of its products.

According to Glassdoor, Unilever offers some competitive salaries. Associate brand and finance managers can expect to make $95,000 a year, on average. Once a person reaches the finance or brand manager (without the associate), the salary increases by about $20,000. Overall, the ratings are high on Glassdoor, where employees are known to be brutally honest.

The company also boasts the ability for graduates to continue learning while at Unilever. It’s a place that allows individuals to grow and build upon their career—the ideal environment for a recent grad.

Working at Unilever

It may not be much of a surprise, but a lot of people want to work at Unilever. LinkedIn compiled a list of North America’s top 100 in-demand employers in 2015, with Unilever coming in 25th: ranked higher than Fox, Warner Bros, and Whole Foods Market.

The company has a global MBA recruitment channel where it looks for MBA holders who have at least three years experience in finance, marketing, or supply chain. The channel connects applicants with available openings for which they’re qualified, like an associate finance manager position with Ben & Jerry’s, another one of Unilever’s brands. Or what about a production support engineer? Unilever offers a variety of positions relevant to MBA graduates.

This is perfect because MBA students have been clear that they’d like to work at Unilever. It sat 34th on a list of 100 employers where MBA students said they’d like. MBA candidates from NYU Stern, the Wharton School, and Rutgers Business School have gone on to work for Unilever.

Aug 31, 2017

Southeast Asian Nations to Gather at NYU Stern for Leadership Program

Southeast Asian Nations to Gather at NYU Stern for Leadership Program

New York University’s Stern School of Business will be hosting executives from the ASEAN region next year in April.

The executives will be arriving from regional management consulting firm SRW&Co. for their ASEAN Global Leadership Program (AGLP) from April 16 to 20, 2018, according to a press release. It takes its program to different leading business universities every year. Some have been in China, U.S., and in the U.K. This year, it’ll be coming to New York City for the first time.

“New York City is an epicenter of global business and a thriving hub of innovation that companies from multinationals to technology firms to startups call home,” NYU Stern Dean Peter Henry said in the press release. “Given our proximity, our faculty are in constant conversation with the business community and will bring the latest insights around global business leadership and innovation to this year’s course for AGLP participants.”

The AGLP is going to center four themes: globalization, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Organizations in the corporate or public sector have something to learn from the program—even if they aren’t conducting business in the ASEAN region, which includes Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. These themes are valuable across industries and throughout the world.

Why not host the AGLP at NYU Stern? The business school is the perfect place for the global program as it prioritizes a global approach to education, says Eitan Zemel, Vice Dean of Global and Executive Education, in the press release.

“We are honored to work with SRW&Co. and to welcome AGLP participants to our campus, where they will have access to some of our most celebrated faculty and participate in stimulating conversation on key topics for both the ASEAN region and the global economy,” Zemel would go on to say.

Aug 11, 2017

Souvenirs, Not Photos, Help Memory According to NYU Stern Study

Souvenirs, Not Photos, Help Memory According to NYU Stern Study

Social media doesn’t help build memory, according to new research from NYU Stern Professor Tom Meyvis. Alongside USC Professor (and Stern Ph.D.) Stephanie Tully, who wrote about their work in Quartz, the research specifically found that the frequency and quality of remembered experiences depended on physical memorabilia, rather than just digital ones.

Continue reading…

Aug 10, 2017

Top MBA Recruiters: Finding A Role With PepsiCo

Top MBA Recruiters: Finding A Role With PepsiCo

PepsiCo is one of the most well-known companies in the world. Known as a top manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of soft drinks and snack foods, the company also serves as a top recruiter of MBA talent in the United States. Continue reading…

Aug 8, 2017

Admissions Tip: Deadlines

Admissions Tip: Deadlines

Anyone who’s familiar with the MBA application process knows that August moves forward at an accelerated pace, and come September, entire weeks seem to disappear. To help this year’s Round One applicants avoid the classic time crunch, today’s blog post offers some basic advice on how to approach the Round One MBA deadlines at a reasonable pace.

Let’s start by taking a quick look at a handful of the earliest deadlines for the top MBA programs:

September 6: Harvard Business School
September 8: Cambridge / Judge
September 12: Duke / Fuqua
September 13: Yale SOM
September 15: London Business School
September 19: Stanford GSBPenn / WhartonNotre Dame / Mendoza (Early Deadline)
September 20Northwestern / KelloggINSEAD
September 21: Chicago / BoothBerkeley / Haas
September 25: MIT Sloan
September 29: Oxford / Saïd

For a full list of deadlines, check out Clear Admit’s post here.

Though some schools have yet to announce their deadlines (such as UMD Smith and UCI Merage, one can still get a sense of the lineup of R1 deadlines. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your personal timeline.

Plan to be busy in August.  

Yes, it can be tempting to work on one’s tan instead of one’s essays. However, many MBA applicants squander the month of August only to wake up in September and realize that they cannot make their target deadlines. If you are not bogged down by professional obligations in August, this makes for a great opportunity to devote time to working on your MBA applications in the evenings. The last weeks of summer can easily be split between résumé drafting, essay writing, recommendation coaching, GMAT prep, school research, and more.

Think carefully about the timing of the R1 MBA deadlines.

Looking at the deadlines above, it becomes clear that some deadlines may be easier to make than others. A candidate applying to Haas and London Business School could have a leisurely October when compared to someone targeting Haas, London Business School and NYU Stern (Oct. 15, 2017 Round 1 Deadline). Assuming about three weeks of research and writing for each school’s application, take a look at the deadlines and count backwards to determine a start date for each. It is entirely possible to meet back-to-back deadlines, such as Tepper and Darden, but doing so requires a well-planned schedule and consistent progress.

Consider taking some time off from work.

We realize that many MBA applicants work 70 hours per week and haven’t had a day off in months. For such applicants, a day or two out of the office can really do wonders for focus and organization.  Applying to business school is a serious undertaking, and in the long term you won’t regret having given yourself enough time to prepare strong applications. Many successful candidates take a week off in early September to make the final push. It’s not a glamorous way to spend your vacation time, but an offer to attend a leading MBA program can make the sacrifice well worth it.

Get your recommenders on board early.

While some of the schools have not yet made their online applications and recommendation forms available, it’s a good idea to engage your recommenders early and inform them about the process and your timeline. Sit down with each recommender, perhaps over lunch or coffee. Present them with an outline of the deadlines and the process. It’s then a wise idea to meet again once the forms are available, and by that time many applicants are in a position to share their background materials (a résumé, career goals essays, etc.) to help their recommenders understand—and support—their message.

Happy planning!

This article has been edited and republished with permissions from Clear Admit.

Aug 3, 2017

Female Enrollment, GMAT Scores Rise for NYU Stern Class of 2019

Female Enrollment, GMAT Scores Rise for NYU Stern Class of 2019

Applications are up and acceptance rates are down, according to new statistics from the New York University Stern School of Business Class of 2019.

A total of 3,927 applicants applied to join the NYU Stern Class of 2019, increasing around 4 percent from last year’s figure of 3,773. Despite the growing pool of applications, enrollment actually got tighter, dropping from 871 admissions last year to 822 for the Class of 2019.

Figures via NYU Stern

From the 822 admitted students, a total of 402 elected to join the NYU Stern Class of 2019—up slightly from the 392 enrolled students in the Class of 2018. While the difference in the number of incoming students is minimal, the demographics that make up those students, however, differ from last year’s figures. The percentage of incoming students who are female jumped modestly from 35 percent to 38 percent. The percentage of admitted international students also slightly increased, moving up from 35 percent to 37 percent for the Class of 2019, representing 35 countries overall.

Figures via NYU Stern

The average GPA for NYU Stern Class of 2019 slipped from 3.51 to 3.48, but GMAT scores actually drifted upwards, improving from an average score of 710 for the Class of 2018 to 714. The median GMAT score, however, saw a larger increase, moving up to 720 from 710 last year.

Figures via NYU Stern

A slight majority of incoming Stern School of Business students join with previous experience in the financial services industry, totaling 29 percent. Following in second is consulting, with roughly 12 percent, followed by students with government and/or military backgrounds at 7 percent. Stern has been fairly active in recruiting applicants with military backgrounds and aspirations, implementing the Fertitta Veterans Program less than a year ago. The program will assist 20 full-time MBA students with military experience drastically reduce tuition yearly tuition fees, falling to a flat rate of $30,000 per year.

For more information regarding the NYU Stern School of Business Class of 2019, MBA program details, scholarships and more, please visit the school website.

This article has been edited and republished with permissions from Clear Admit.