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Ducere Global Business School - MBA, Luxury Brand Management

Ducere MBA, Luxury Brand Management Program Structure

The Ducere MBA, Luxury Brand Management is delivered with the University of East London, this MBA combines academic excellence with an online learning experience tailored to student’s passion and industry. This program explores the surging global demand for relevant, industry-ready, luxury brand managers.  Students learn real-world insights underpinned by relevant industry frameworks and tools, to advance as a current leader in luxury brand management.  Students engage with academic theories to understand how to manage challenges while developing a core understanding of key business administration concepts in luxury brand management. The program provides the opportunity to transform theoretical concepts into real-time business projects, relevant to a broad range of luxury brand industry contexts.

The five MBA, Luxury Brand Management course modules are:
Luxury Brands and Relationship Management
Marketing in Luxury Brands
Digital Transformation
Leadership in Practice
Business Strategy


Module 1: Luxury Brands and Relationship Management
This module examines memorable brand experiences, product and service design, innovation and customer relationships. This module addresses how luxury brands in particular need to provide and sustain unique, exclusive and differentiated customer brand experiences.

Co-creating with customers to build brand loyalty to value-add to an organization.
Learning about the different elements of product and service design, innovation and customer relationship management.
Understanding CRM platforms and technology to enhance relationship management.
Humanizing digital engagement.
Understanding customer demographic trends.
Understanding growth in access vs maintaining exclusivity.
Comprehending the processes of developing unique, exclusive and differentiated brand experiences.
Utilizing the design and delivery tools used to create brand differentiation and market positioning.
Defining processes to design, lead and manage brand strategies.

Module 2: Marketing in Luxury Brands
This module examines marketing management from a customer-driven experiential perspective. Luxury is “ultimately perceived in the eye of the beholder”, however, this is influenced by culture, economies and personal preference. Understand a target market with the goal of meeting the customers’ needs through value creation and strong customer relationships.

Customer co-creation processes to value in an organization.
Process of developing brand strategies, brand strength and brand equity in the market.
Differentiate between product, service and experiential marketing strategies.
Design and delivery tools used to create brand differentiation and market positioning.
Processes to design, lead and manage marketing plans.
Customer validation.
Risk assessment and risk management.
Addressing technology in scaling markets.

Module 3: Digital Transformation
This module explores the rapid technological and digital advancements in business and the impacts on the structure, people, and processes. The emphasis is on developing analytical and process skills to be able to make critical decisions about technological and digital change in the context of organizations.

Digital disruption in business: rethinking strategy, customers, competition, data, innovation, and value.
Digital transformation as an adaptive process.
Essentials of digital transformation.
Understanding barriers and exploring methodologies.
Designing, implementing and managing processes.
Communication, engagement and iteration.

Module 4: Leadership in Practice
This module explores the definitions of leadership and aims to develop capabilities to prosper in this environment. Students reflect on their own experiences and biases to develop an understanding of how these influence personal leadership styles and how they respond to the leadership of others.

Importance of leadership and its associated challenges.
Key leadership themes and concepts and how they can be utilized.
Concepts of self-leadership and self-awareness.
The role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership.

Module 5: Business Strategy
This module articulates the fundamentals of and approaches to the design and implementation of an effective business strategy. Students analyze the fundamentals of strategy and the role it should play in business operations. Various strategic frameworks and concepts are evaluated for various organizational contexts to foster successful business outcomes.

Strategic concepts and their role in business performance.
Strategic frameworks and their use in business decision-making.
Strategies to achieve business goals and create competitive advantage.
Risk evaluation and response on strategic projects.
Variations of strategic change and relevant management approaches.

Major Applied Industry Project
This module enables students to consolidate skills, knowledge and insights by:

1) developing solutions to a real business problem identified within their own place of work or start-up, or

2) the creative exploration of a business idea or approach within a chosen organization of the Luxury Sector.

The aim of this module is for students to develop the practical and professional abilities to review business and management research with academic rigor, in order to develop a concept, solution or idea that has immediate practicality.

Learning Outcomes
Prepare an independent applied project proposal to explore a complex business issue/concept.
Apply research design principles and methodology and scope and plan the execution of the applied research project.
Conduct a critical review and demonstrate a conceptual and theoretical understanding of the project.
Collect relevant information and data to analyze the research project and identify theoretical frameworks to provide solutions.
Demonstrate critical evaluation of strategic and operational constraints in real-time business environments.
Demonstrate academic rigor and immediate practical application to research ethics principles.

Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Aid for Ducere MBA, Luxury Brand Management

The current total cost of the MBA, Luxury Brand Management program at Ducere Global Business School is $18,600.  Payment Plans are available and the tuition is payable in 3 installments of $2,310 each. Payment Plans are available to help with the cost of the program – it can be divided into 5 installments to be paid over the first part of the MBA.

Loans are also available for the program.  UK residents may be eligible for a Postgraduate Student Loan to cover all or part of the fees.  US students can apply for Sallie Mae loans to cover all or part of the fees


To be eligible for the Ducere MBA, Luxury Brand Management you must have either:
Bachelor Degree from an accredited university with 3+ years of professional management experience
5+ years of professional management experience
No GMAT or GRE is required for entry into the program.
It is free to apply to the program.

Application deadlines are within:


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