Fordham Graduate School of Business Administration

Program Structure

Fordham’s Executive MBA program is a 22-month program designed to allow busy executives to earn their MBA while continuing their current jobs. Classes for the program meet one weekend per month, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Students register for three courses per term at either the Lincoln Center or Westchester campuses. Some courses are also held at an executive conference center in Westchester. Additionally, EMBA students are typically required to take one full week off work to attend a five-day “international residential” experience, comprising a week of consulting projects and company visits in a foreign country. For the past few years, the international residential destination has been China.


Executive MBA students must complete eight core courses: Managerial Global Economics, Managerial Accounting, Financial Environment, Marketing Management and Strategy, ICS in the Transnational Firm, Transnational Management and Systems Operations,

Contemporary Issues in U.S. and International Business Law, and Business Policy. From there, EMBA students choose between one of two tracks. In one track, students pursue a concentration in Management Systems, which entails taking five further mandatory courses and two electives. Alternatively, students may pursue a more generalized course of study, taking a slate of seven courses ranging from International Trade and Development to Contemporary Ethical Issues in Business.

Class Profile

The average Fordham EMBA student is 33 years of age, versus 28 years of age for students in the full-time and part-time MBA programs. EMBA students have typically amassed 11 years of full-time work experience before entering the program and earn salaries greater than $120,000 a year.

Tuition & Financial Aid

The full cost of tuition for the EMBA program was $90,177 for the August 2012 intake at Lincoln Center and the January 2013 intake at Westchester. Fordham notes that this price is all-inclusive, covering meals, snacks and accommodations, as well as the cost of the five-day international study trip.

Fordham graduate students are eligible for both Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans and Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans. Students are also eligible for an array of private loans, which typically require a creditworthy U.S. co-signer.

Admissions Procedures

While the EMBA program has no formal requirements regarding work experience or age, the school states that students are typically seasoned professionals with significant work experience who are on the path to key managerial positions.

Applicants to Fordham’s executive MBA program are required to submit an online application, undergraduate and (if applicable) graduate transcripts, official GMAT or GRE scores, two professional letters of recommendation, a professional resume, a 500- to 750-word personal statement and a $130 application fee.

International applicants submitting undergraduate or graduate transcripts written in a foreign language must utilize an official translating service to translate the transcripts into English. International students must also submit TOEFL exam scores—minimum scores of 600 on the paper version, 250 on the computer version or 100 on the online version are required. If international applicants score below these cutoffs, they may be required to take the English as a Second Language (ESL) proficiency exam.

Interviews are typically not required to apply and are scheduled at the request of the applicant. However, in certain cases the Fordham Graduate School of Business admissions committee will request that applicants attend a mandatory admissions interview.

Application Deadlines

Applications for Fordham’s executive MBA program are considered on a rolling basis. However, there are two rounds of admissions deadlines for students intending to join the fall trimester intake of students, which begins in August at Lincoln Center, and there is one deadline for those intending to join the spring trimester intake, which begins in January at Westchester. Unlike the full-time and part-time MBA programs, there is no summer intake for EMBA students.

Fall Round 1:
February 1, 2013

Fall Round 2:
June 1, 2013

November 1, 2013