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Let’s explore some of the most interesting stories that have emerged from New York business schools this week.

Rutgers Lends Expertise to NewarkRutgers Business School News

When Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation lost its chief executive, Mayor Ras Baraka enlisted Lyneir Richardson of the Rutgers Business School to take the reigns. The Rutgers professor the opportunity as an “act of service” and said that he would be thrilled to share his knowledge and ensure that the Newark CEDC continued its vital role in attracting businesses, guiding real estate development and helping to sustain small businesses across the city.

“I’m honored to be of service to the city at this moment of economic energy,” Richardson says. “My temporary role in the city “will bring new relevant examples to my teaching.”

Rutgers University-Newark Chancellor Nancy Cantor remarks:

“Rutgers is a committed stakeholder in the present and future of our great city—not just in Newark, but of Newark—and we are pleased to be able to assist during this critical transition.”

You can read more about Richardson’s role here.

Lessons from Mario Gabelli, Merger MasterGabelli Connect

Mario Gabelli, Chairman and CEO of GAMCO Investors, Inc, is a legendary “arb” (better known as a risk arbitrageur). He has utilized the discipline of risk arbitrage to successfully invest in companies undergoing mergers, reorganizations and other corporate events. The Fordham University Gabelli School of Business stresses that there is no better discipline that will teach you everything you need to know about deal-making than arbitrage, noting that it teachers investors financial techniques applicable across the financial industry.

“Those things work on everything you do,” Gabelli says.

“It keeps you up-to-date on every financial technique that’s available.” For students, “this is a great business to be in because you learn a lot, it’s not complicated, and you can do it tonight.”

Kate Willing, writer of the recently-published “Merger Masters: Tales of Arbitrage,” asserts: “risk arbs must also have nerves of steel—the discipline to adhere to a strategy, a willingness to tolerate calculated risk, and an ability to make decisions under conditions of uncertainty.”

You can read more from the Gabelli Connect article here.

2018: Year in Review – Lehigh University

Alongside a myriad of learning experiences, research, and huge celebrations on campus, the Lehigh University College of Business and Economics wrapped up an exciting year. Five noteworthy moments in 2018 featured a one billion dollar fundraising campaign, a distinguished Lehigh alumni commencement speech, an outstanding successful wrestling season, discovery of a new geometric shape by a Lehigh professor, and a five-story residential facility.

Deloitte CEO and Lehigh alum Cathy Engelbert says to graduates: “Do what hasn’t been done,” and shared three life lessons at Lehigh’s 150th commencement.

Image result for Lehigh University College of Business and Economics campus

Kicking off its $1 billion campaign, Lehigh announced a generous $20 million gift from Lehigh Board of Trustees Chair Kevin L. Clayton ’84 ’13P and Lisa A. Clayton ’13P.

A new geometric shape: “Team of researchers discover a new shape present in epithelial cells that minimizes energy and maximizes packing stability during tissue bending. The new research can lead to advancement in tissue engineering.”

You can read more about the year that was at Lehigh here.


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