Dual MBA Degrees at NYU Stern

NYU Stern Dual MBA Degrees

Should you earn your MBA or your JD? Each has its pros and cons and can set you up in different ways, so which is better? Instead of choosing, why not get both? That’s exactly what you can do at the NYU Stern School of Business through the school’s dual-degree programs.

A dual degree means that you’ll graduate with both degrees on your diploma without doubling the cost and time commitment of graduate school. The Stern School offers a variety of degree paths, time periods and reasons to earn a dual degree; all you have to do is decide which option works best for you.

To help you make the best decision for your career and your graduate school experience, we’ve outlined the eight NYU Stern dual MBA degrees.

NYU Stern Dual MBA Degrees


The medical profession has become more and more sophisticated over time, and physicians no longer engage solely in clinical care or research. Instead, medicine has become a business and doctors who want to be on the cutting edge need to understand business to succeed.

The Stern School of Business and the NYU School of Medicine jointly offer the MD/MBA dual degree. Its goal is to provide the essential management education needed to understand the larger impact of business on healthcare, patient care and the clinical setting. A few key details about the program:

    • Five years in length—shaves one year off the time required to earn the two degrees separately.
    • The first three years are spent in the School of Medicine on a full-time basis before the fourth year is spent at Stern. The final year is spent half time at the Medical school and the last semester doing MBA coursework.
    • Applicants to the MD/MBA program must be third-year, full-time students at the NYU School of Medicine.



The world has become a global economy, and to be successful in the increasingly complex environment, it’s not enough to know only business or only law. Candidates who wish to lead their field require not only management training—including finance and strategy—but also a legal and ethical background.

One of the most popular NYU Stern dual MBA degrees ,the JD/MBA dual degree delves into both the legal and business aspects of commerce so that students graduate with a strong foundation for a career in both law and business. Most graduates from the program go on to work in law firms, corporate counsel offices, investment and accounting firms, nonprofit agencies and government institutions. Key details:

    • Four years in length—this saves students one year of time compared to completing both degrees separately.
    • The dual degree is comprised of 122 credits total: 51 credits at Stern and 71 credits at the School of Law.
    • Interested applicants must complete a joint application which will be independently evaluated by each school.



Who ever said that business wasn’t creative? With an MBA/MFA dual degree, aspiring film producers can learn what it takes to survive the fast-paced world of film financing and filmmaking. The Stern School and the Kanbar Institute of Film and Television jointly offer the dual degree. It is designed to graduate students that are highly employable by major film studios, independent production companies, and major television studios and networks. Key stats:

    • Three years in length—saves approximately one year of time.
    • Students spend the first year of their schooling at Stern, the second year at Kanbar, and the third year is split between the two schools.
    • Applicants must submit a separate application to each program and will only qualify upon admission to both schools.


MS in Mathematics/MBA

If math is your strong suit, but you want to combine your quantitative skills with your understanding of management and business, then the MS in Mathematics/MBA is the right dual degree for you. It prepares students with an extensive range of analytical and problem-solving skills to work in such fields as quantitative risk and portfolio management. Key facts about the program:

    • Five years in length.
    • The program is 72-credit hours in total. The first year is spent at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, the second year at Stern and the last semester is divided between both schools.
    • Applicants must first be admitted to the Courant MS in Mathematics in Finance program and can apply for the MBA dual degree during their first year.



The goal of the MBA/MPA is to reflect the societal need for leaders who understand both business and public sector management. The goal of the program is to produce graduates ready to make an impact in the world. Successful career fields for those who pursue this dual degree include social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, social impact investing, lobbying and more. Key information about the program:

    • Three years in length.
    • 84 credits total: 51 credits at the Stern School and 33 credits at NYW Wagner.
    • Applicants interested in the program must complete a separate application for each school.


MBA/MA in French Studies

The NYU Institute of French Studies offers a comprehensive program that includes French history, politics, society and economy alongside the practical side of a business education. Key facts:

    1. Five years in length—you save one semester.
    2. Students spend their first year at Stern, and then their second and third years are spent split between both schools.
    3. Applicants must complete a separate application for each school.


MS in Biology/MBA

This dual degree program is designed for students interested in combine science with business. The goal of the program is to help students bridge their understanding of the relationship between biology and business. NYU Stern and the Graduate School of Arts & Science jointly offer the program. Key information:

    • Three years in length—shaving off a year of study.
    • Students spend their first year in the Biology department and then their second and third years are spent completing their MBA degree.
    • To apply, students must submit a separate application to each program.


Dual MBA with HEC School of Management

The final of the NYU Stern dual MBA degrees is unique in that students are awarded a dual MBA: one from the Stern School and one from the HEC School of Management in Paris. The program is best for those individuals interested in the global perspective of business and who want rigorous business training in an international setting. Key stats:

    • Two years in length.
    • Students either start their school at HEC and then spend their second year at Stern, or vice-versa.
    • Applicants must already be accepted into the full-time MBA program at either Stern or HEC and can apply for the dual degree program during their first year of study.



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