Researchers Examine Privacy and Security at Lehigh Business

Lehigh Business Symposium

Experts are willing to tackle the controversial topic of security and privacy at Lehigh University College of Business and Economics. When it comes to big data, security and privacy connect closely with the business world—even if not all businesses are up to speed.

The school held a meeting on Sept. 15 where tech, privacy, and legal experts came to the New York City campus to discuss the subject. The annual Impact Symposium featured the likes of Bracket Computing Inc. CEO Tom Gillis and New America Foundation Senior Fellow P.W. Singer, who were the keynote speakers, and both focused on issues of data privacy and data security, per a press release.

“Cybersecurity is framed too often as something that’s really complex,” said Singer, in the press release. “But I think it’s relatively simple: What can you do with information?”

The speakers shared with students how they view this changing landscape. Business professionals must understand the legalities surrounding our constantly evolving technology. And not just what’s legal, but what is ethical. And, as Singer emphasized, what is possible. Still, issues surrounding technology, privacy, and security stretch far beyond the business world. They impact the military and disaster zones, too, for example, having real-world consequences.

Students also heard from Georgette Chapman Phillips, the Dean of the College of Business and Economics. as well as from Provost Patrick V. Farrell. Farrell was sure to note how the topics become even more relevant as companies like Equifax failed to protect the privacy and security of their customers and users. There’s also HBO, which also suffered its own large-scale hacking recently.

Lehigh is committed to keeping its students up to date as the field continues to change. This symposium is just one taste. “The impact of cyberattacks keeps growing,” Gillis said. “It’s more than a financial impact. It’s literally changing the fate of the nation. And will continue to do so.”


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