Stevens Institute Internet of Things Journal Leads Pack on Research

Stevens Internet of Things

When discussing the Internet of Things—the principle concept of mass interconnected smart devices—the possibilities, according to the Stevens Institute of Technology, seem relatively infinite.

In 2011, Dr. Mahmoud Daneshmand and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) members Dr. John Vig and Dr. Chonggang Wang created the Stevens’ Internet of Things Journal (IoT-J for short), which explores topics like how it will affect supply chains, marketing, and smart cities, as well as “create new opportunities in emerging computing architectures.”

Daneshmand explains his interest in the emerging field: “I saw IoT as something that would impact human life in every sense: health, politics, business, management, environment, science, and technology.

Since its inaugural issue in 2014, IoT-J has become not only one of few outlets scientists have to share research but also one of its most revered.

IoT-J’s 7.6 impact factor demonstrates that there’s plenty of new IoT research to discuss as well as a lot of discussion within scientific community.

Associate Dean of Research Dr. Jeffrey Nickerson expects this trend to continue well into the future as sensors become quite literally embedded in the fabric of our everyday lives. Stevens wants to position itself as a business school uniquely equipped to help address issues of growth and governance, particularly when it comes to “interactions between distributed machine intelligence and human intelligence.”

Daneshmand explains, “Businesses continue to see the Internet of things as having exciting possibilities for future growth, whether in smarter management of inventory and supply chains, intelligent business operations, or more creative, targeted marketing to customers.”


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