How a Rutgers Alum Single-Handedly Saved the U.S. Treasury Market After 9/11 – New York News

Rutgers EMBA Alum

Let’s explore some of the most interesting stories that have emerged from New York City business schools this week.

9-11 and The Almost Meltdown of the U.S. Treasury MarketRutgers Business School Blog

Rutgers Business School recently published the incredibly unique and singular story of how Art Certosimo, RBS alum and Senior Executive VP of Bank of New York-Mellon heading the Global Markets Group, almost single-handedly saved the US Treasury market in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

After Art extricated his team to a temporary base in New Jersey on the 12th, Art quickly understood that he needed to procure a “massive fiber-optic cable to the data center in New York City” or risk a meltdown of the entire U.S. Treasury Market and “the possible demise of the credibility of U.S. sovereign debt.”

“Art and Tom Renyi, CEO of BNY (another Rutgers graduate, and dear friend of RBS and REMBA) had a conference with Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and a host of 4- and 5-star generals, and explained to them that this was ‘priority #1’ for that day, 9-12.”

You can read the full account of the event here.

Michael Cline, Founder of Fandango, Shares the Keys to EntrepreneurshipGabelli Connect

Fandango, Exult, Xchanging, Accretive Health, and Accolade founder Michael Cline recently took part in the Gabelli School of Business Speaker Series at the school’s Lincoln Center campus to share his insights on the “major milestones that occur over the course of starting a new venture.”

Cline explained that the entrepreneurial journey “looks more like an inverted bell curve, swooping down for quite some time before slowly creeping back up until the idea becomes something the creator is proud of creating.”

Gabelli undergrads reportedly got a lot of Cline’s lecture. Undergrad Zach Zimmerman, BS ’19 writes, “It was great to see Mr. Cline’s perspective as a serial entrepreneur and understand the emotional roller coaster behind creating anything great. When you get in a ‘swamp of despair,’ which happens with any great project, it is important to stay focused, driven, and persistent.”

Get the full scoop on Cline’s talk here.

Sharing Ideas, Inspiring ChangeLehigh College of Business and Economics Blog

The Lehigh University College of Business and Economics recently hosted its two-day 2018 Symposium on Teaching and Learning in which staff and students presented new interdisciplinary research techniques and classroom strategies.

Just a few examples include “journalism students using drones to tell stories; biology students exploring the body in virtual reality; urban studies students using outdoor spaces as labs for testing ideas to improve city life; and students in organic chemistry making tutorial videos for their peers.”

Sarah Stanlick, Lehigh professor of practice in sociology and anthropology and director of the CCE, hoped that the symposium opened people’s eyes to “some really interesting, innovative pedagogues, the fact that research can be really impactful outside of the university, that there are partnerships and ethics and humility that need to be brought into these lifelong learning collaborations and that there is power in higher ed to be world-changing.”

Lehigh professor Sarah Stanlick speaks at the recent 2018 Symposium on Teaching and Learning / Photo via

You can read more about the symposium here.


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