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Let’s explore some of the most interesting stories that have emerged from New York City business schools this week.

Would You Like Your Boss to be Fined for Making You Reply to Emails?NBC News

Lehigh University College of Business and Economics management professor Liuba Belkin’s work was recently cited by NBC News regarding a potential new NYC law that would effectively ban workers from being forced to reply to after-hours emails and other messages. The reason behind the proposed law is that the increasingly common practice in the U.S. is decreasing work-life quality, which was a provincial point of Belin and co-author William J. Becker’s study “Exhausted, but Unable to Disconnect: After-Hours Email, Work-Family Balance and Identification.”

The potential new law would not effectively ban those from sending messages after hours, but being forced to work off-the-clock would be subject to a fine of around $500 for each offense. France, NBC News writes, passed a similar law in 2017 “requiring businesses with 50 or more employees to negotiate after-hours email rules with workers, potentially allowing them to ignore post-work correspondence.”

Human resources manager Steve Wang thinks the lofty comparison to France’s work culture is not as easy in the U.S. The country has stricter labor laws, instituting 35 hour max work weeks, and a law preventing people from working 4.5 hours straight without any breaks, for instance.

Click here to read more about the law and Belin’s study.

What are the Best Healthcare MBAs You Can Find in New York City?MetroMBA

Four of the best health care MBA programs reside in New York; three of which fall right inside the five boroughs. Columbia Business School, the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College, the Stern School of Business at NYU, and the SC Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell in Ithaca each offer exemplary healthcare management learning options for any hopeful MBAs, some of which are coupled with dual degrees.

Zicklin’s Executive MBA in Healthcare Administration is one of the few programs in the New York metro that has both AACSB and CAHME accreditation.

Find out more about the best healthcare MBAs you can find in New York here.

Daniel A. D’Aniello speaks on the value of mentorship in driving successJohnson SOM Blog

Cornell University’s SC Johnson Graduate School of Management recently hosted Carlyle Group co-founder and former Marriot VP of Finance and Development Daniel A. D’Aniello at this year’s Lewis H. Durland Memorial Lecture.

D’Aniello used the talk as an opportunity offer invaluable entrepreneurship, stewardship, and mentorship advice to Johnson students from his distinguished career as co-founder of one of the world’s largest investment firms. He also “emphasized the importance of humility in recognizing one’s errors and understanding how to spend one’s time.” He elaborates:

“Allocate your valuable time to things that are going to scale, grow, and become profitable. Time is your highest opportunity cost.”

You can read more highlights from D’Aniello’s talk here.


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