The Wells Fargo Scandal and a Pattern of Deceit – Chicago News

Wells Fargo Scandal

Let’s explore some of the most interesting stories that have emerged from Chicago business schools this week.

What Makes Deceit Such a Hard Habit to Break?Kellogg Insights

New research from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management‘s management and organizations department reveals why the Wells Fargo’s and Bernie Madoff’s of the world often find themselves in cycles of deceit and misconduct.

“Because morally questionable behavior is uncomfortable, people don’t want to take responsibility for it,” explains assistant professor Maryam Kouchaki, who, along with assistant professor Nour Kteily and associate professor Adam Waytz, explore what they dub a cycle of “self-dehumanization.”

It’s a process where “people subtly adjust their self-image and begin to view themselves as possessing fewer of the human traits that would curb that bad behavior. They, themselves, aren’t to blame, this line of thinking goes—they’re just not capable of behaving any better.”

You can learn more about the trio’s research here.

Business Students Develop Sponsorship Proposals for Special OlympicsKellstadt Business Blog

As part of DePaul’s Sports Management faculty director Andy Clark’s winter quarter sports sponsorship marketing course, Kellstadt Graduate School of Business MBA students collaborated with Arena Partners on “attendance-driving ideas and sponsorship strategies” for the Special Olympics’ 50th Anniversary Celebration set to take place in Chicago this coming July.

At one point, the class hosted Kellstadt alum, DePaul Board of Trustees member, and Special Olympics of Illinois Board Chair Karen Atwood MBA ’82, who spoke of the potential impact that Kellstadt MBAs can have on their communities.

“I always think when you can see the impact that your actions, your ideas and your support bring to the larger community, the more it reinforces why the Vincentian values are so important.”

You can find out more about the Special Olympics project here.

Solutions SummitQuinlan School of Business

The Loyola’s Quinlan School of Business Leadership Hub just announced its first annual Solutions Summit; a networking extravaganza designed especially for vice presidents, directors, and managers; supply chain leaders; and family-owned businesses.

This year’s inaugural event will host Alberto Ruocco, a Senior Executive Partner at cybersecurity leader Gartner; Reynolds VP of Category Management Nancy Bedwell; and Susan Ramonat, CEO of Spiritus, a Blockchain leader. This year’s event will be held on October 9 at the Schreiber Center on 16 E. Pearson St., Chicago.

To register for this year’s Solutions Summit, click here.


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