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Let’s explore some of the most interesting stories that have emerged from Chicago business schools this week.

University of Chicago and Northwestern University Reveal 2018-19 MBA DeadlinesMetroMBA

Both of Chicago’s top-tier business schools—Chicago Booth and Northwestern Kellogg—have announced deadlines for the upcoming MBA application season, starting this fall and extending into April of 2019.

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Northwestern Kellogg MBA deadlines for 2018-19 begin Sep. 19, 2018 / Photo via

How Superstition Changes the Way We Make DecisionsKellogg Insight

Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management professors of marketing Ping Dong and Aparna Labroo recently published new research that explored the impact of superstitious actions on everyday decisions in an edition of Kellogg Insight.

According to the article, they were specifically interested in understanding how they “changed the way we calculate our odds of success or failure when deciding whether to do something risky.”

Labroo uses their study as an opportunity to suck the metaphysical life out of superstitious actions: “We can think about all kinds of good things happening and all kinds of bad things happening, but thinking about the probability and trying to compute expected value is less natural. It takes a little more effort.”

You can check out the full article here.

Could Walk-In Clinics Ease the Opioid Crisis?Booth Chicago News

New York physician and psychiatrist Dr. Tamir Aldad was frustrated by the “boomerang” effect he experienced with the opioid addicts he treated for “substance use disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or potential risk of self-harm,” who returned to the “ER in a couple of weeks with the same or worse problem than they came in for in the first place.”

After Dr. Aldad enrolled in Chicago Booth’s Executive MBA program, he launched the Mindful Urgent Care startup, a “walk-in psychiatric clinic designed to … increase mental health access and speed quality and affordable treatment to a population of patients with unmet needs.” Dr. Aldad and his teammates placed first in Booth’s Global New Venture Challenge this past April.

Aldad writes, “In value-based care, patient outcomes really matter. What we are seeing now is that patients in mental health are costing more and more. If a patient winds up in a hospital because they couldn’t get in to their doctor’s office or have a medication refilled, the healthcare costs escalate. We have an opioid crisis, and we have to proactively work to find ways to prevent mental illness from getting worse.”

Read more about Aldad’s experience in the Booth EMBA program here.

Quinlan Alum Leads Through ServiceQuinlan School of Business Blog

The Quinlan School of Business at Chicago’s Loyola University recently interviewed alum Illiana Alvarenga BBA ’14, BA ’14 about Quinlan prepared her for a multi-faceted career path that includes a healthy dose of service and service leadership as part of her position as the Chicago chair of UNICEF’s Next Generation Initiative.

“It was at Loyola that I strengthened my love for giving back. For me, Quinlan strengthened a foundation of being strategic, but also encouraged us to always keep in mind what’s good for our communities,” Alvarenga writes.

This year Alvarenga traveled to South Africa with UNICEF to figure out how they “can leverage technology to help with programs to stop illness through increased handwashing, help girls excel in STEM-based careers, and more.”

Alvarenga also works as a competitive intelligence senior associate at JP Morgan Chase, where she focuses on “supporting the business in understanding emerging consumer behavior trends, the changing payments landscape, digital and mobile initiatives in financial services, and new developments in financial technology.”

You can read the full Quinlan interview here.


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