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3D Printing Research

Let’s explore some of the most interesting stories that have emerged from New York business schools this week.

Award-Winning Paper Explores How Designers Innovate in 3D Printing CommunitiesStevens Institute of Technology SOB News

In a new paper from Gaurav Sabnis, Stevens Institute of Technology School of Business Assistant Professor of Marketing, Associate Dean of Research Dr. Jeffrey Nickerson, and the University of Navarra’s Dr. Harris Kyriakou “examines knowledge reuse in 3D printing communities [where] makers often iterate on designs created by other users to create refined products.”

According to the Stevens Institute of Technology SOB News article, “the professors looked at frequently reused designs and found a few clear signals in what helps designs get shared—from a designer’s level of experience, to the amount of information she included about her designs.”

The trio’s research is among the first to properly survey 3D printing communities and it could have only happened in the interdisciplinary incubator that is Stevens. Dr. Sabnis writes, “Stevens has a great culture that leads to more interdisciplinary research. I’m excited to do the kinds of research that creates real-world solutions for businesses in the digital age.”

You can read more about the 3D printing research from Stevens here.

Reviving Grit: Columbia Business School Study Finds That In Pursuit of Success, Dedication Falls Short Without PassionColumbia Business School News

In a new PNAS study, Columbia Business School and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management researchers found that grit “without the clear sense of direction that passion provides does not propel people forward.”

Columbia Professor and co-author Adam Galinsky writes, “We were not surprised to find that dogged dedication to an objective – without a true passion for the goal – is mere drudgery.”

“But until now, research on grit failed to factor in the propulsive force that animated grit’s perseverance. By properly incorporating passion into the grit equation, we now have evidence that people who are passionate for their goal and persevere towards it will reach higher heights.”

You can find Why Grit Requires Perseverance and Passion to Positively Predict Performance here, and discover more fro the Columbia Business School News article here.

Where Professors Share Knowledge on Issues in Finance, Economics and AccountingRutgers Business School News

The Livingston Student Center recently hosted the annual Conference on Pacific Basin Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Management, which was founded by Rutgers Business School Distinguished Professor of Finance and Economics Cheng-Few Lee at the business school in 1992.

Rutgers Business School Distinguished Professor of Finance and Economics Cheng-Few Lee / Photo via

The conference assembles “finance professors from around the world” to absorb “research on a variety of issues, from financial applications of parallel processing to the ethics of cryptocurrency.”

According to the Rutgers Business School News article, “Many of the conference speakers were Professor Lee’s former colleagues or students, including professor Yong Shi, who is one of 13 advisors to China’s premier, [and] delivered a keynote address on big Data Mining and Knowledge Management.”

You can read more about the event here.


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