Larger Salaries, Job Offers, Highlight NYU Stern 2019 Employment Report

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With over 95 percent of NYU full-time MBA students earning a job offer three months after graduation, and a $140,000 median annual salary, career prospects are looking better than ever for those enrolled at the Stern School of Business.

Despite dwindling admissions rate at some of the top U.S. MBA programs, the career outlook for those that do opt for business school is still incredibly enticing. The newest employment report from the NYU Stern School of Business illuminates these advantages in more ways than one, starting with impressive hiring and salary rates.

In a statement, Beth Briggs, the NYU Stern Assistant Dean of Career Services, says:

“At NYU Stern, we equip our students with both the mindset and tools to excel in ambiguity and to embrace the change that characterizes today’s business landscape. This is reflected in our all-time high median salaries, steady signing bonuses and record employment rates for the two-year full-time MBA Class of 2019. Regardless of the sector, we’ve graduated a class of strategists who can solve problems and drive results. Consulting is once again the top employing industry, followed by investment banking and the tech sector. In tech in particular, MBAs are securing roles across a greater range of companies than last year—a testament to their fluency at the intersection of business and tech, and the demand for such talent.”

Full-time MBA grads from NYU Stern are earning average salaries and signing bonus well into the six figures, according to the school’s most recent employment report.

Among the near 400 total graduates from the Class of 2019, those that reported to the school’s annual survey found that over 95 percent earned an employment offer within three months of earning their degrees. Within those figures, 94.2 percent accepted offers; a modest increase from last year’s 93.7 percent figure. The largest direct source of employment, at 48 percent, is among students that earned an offer from internships facilitated by the school. In total, including on-campus interview opportunities, the school initiated more than 75 percent of the Class of 2019’s employment offers.

As for salaries, the average base rate in the report was $135,299, with and average signing level rate of $38,214. Salaries ranged from as low as $53,000 to as high as $200,000, with signing bonuses ranging between $1,000 and $170,000. As a whole, 2019 salaries increased by around 12 percent from last year’s totals.

Compensation figures were slightly higher for U.S. residents than international graduates, with domestic students pulling an average base salary rate of $137,308 and international residents earning about $128,324. None of the statistics include percentages of equity or stock options, meaning the reported totals may actually be more modest than the true figures.

Top Companies Hiring NYU Stern MBA Grads

Consulting firms led the way for the Class of 2019, hiring over 37 percent of the NYU Stern graduates. Finance was the second-most prolific hiring industry for Stern MBAs at around 29 percent, followed by tech at 15 percent.

Several familiar names are among the notable employers, including the usual suspects: Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bain, McKinsey, Deloitte, EY, and PwC. Those with careers in investing found roles at J.P. Morgan, BOAML, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and Citi, while those in tech landed roles at major companies like Amazon and Microsoft.

Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC) is among the many notable companies hiring NYU Stern MBA graduates.

What About NYU’s Other MBA Programs?

NYU Stern offers several MBA program options for potential students, including the recently introduced one-year Andre Koo Technology and Entrepreneurship MBA and the Fashion & Luxury MBA.

Regarding Stern’s other MBA offerings, Briggs adds:

“Last year, we welcomed the inaugural cohorts of Stern’s focused full-time MBA programs: the Andre Koo Technology and Entrepreneurship MBA and the Fashion & Luxury MBA, which drew both existing and new recruiters to campus. For the Andre Koo Tech MBA, industry outcomes we’ve tracked so far are diverse and include technology, financial services and healthcare. Students have accepted job offers in tech functional roles ranging from product and program management, to technical solutions, data analytics, operations and strategy. They are choosing companies that suit their career goals, from dynamic startups to firms such as Amazon, American Express, Uber and Microsoft. For the Fashion & Luxury MBA program, students are securing roles at a pace that matches the nature of this networked and just-in-time hiring sector. They will be working in verticals such as beauty, fashion, consulting and retail tech with companies including Coach, L’Oréal, Macy’s, Tom Ford and more.”

More details on the most recent NYU Stern full-time MBA employment report can be found here.


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