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Boston University Professional Evening MBA Program Structure

Students in the Boston University Professional Evening MBA (PEMBA) program can complete their degree via one of three tracks.

On the “Cohort Track,” students can spend their first year taking a set of classes along with a cohort of fellow students and then, starting in year two, decide how many courses to take as they progress through the program. The cohort option typically allows students to graduate in three years.

On the “Accelerated Core Track” students who have undergraduate business degrees to “speed up” the core curriculum courses and take them as modules instead of full classes. Once those core credits are obtained, Accelerated Track students choose the pace at which they complete their degrees, with most finishing the program in 2.5 years.

On the “Flex Track” students take the same classes as those on the Cohort Track but choose how many they take and when they take them. Students on this track take 2-6 years to graduate.

The Flex Track has August and January intakes. Those who wish to enroll in the Cohort or Accelerated Core Track must start in August.


The Boston University Professional Evening MBA program consists of 56 credits in total, including eight electives. Students electing to take the PEMBA Accelerated Core Track will have to complete a total of 52 credit courses.

Concentrations are open to all MBA students, but are not required. After completing four to five electives in their chosen area, students can earn a Certificate of Concentration upon graduation. Concentration options include: Energy and Environmental Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Leadership & Organizational Transformation, Marketing, Operations and Technology Management and Strategy & Innovation.

MBA students also have the opportunity to travel abroad to Brazil, India, Asia or Europe through an International Field Seminar. After several meetings discussing the region prior to the trip, students spend two weeks traveling and exploring key economic, business and policy topics. Most seminars require a research paper once students have returned to campus.

Class Profile

In Fall 2016, 154 students joined the Boston University Professional Evening MBA. About 50 percent of students enrolled in 2015 identified as female, with 50 percent male students. Around 12 percent were U.S. citizens of Asian, Hispanic, African or Native American descent.

Roughly 49 percent of the class came from academic backgrounds in computer science, engineering, business, accounting, economics or finance. Nearly 35 percent of the class majored in the humanities or social science while 16 percent studied math or hard sciences.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition is $1,622 per credit for the 2017-18 academic year for an estimated total of $25,952. This amount assumes 16 credits over the entire academic year. BU also estimates that students pay $210 in fees each year and roughly $784 for books and supplies.

Admissions Procedures

To apply to the BU Professional Evening MBA program, applicants should submit an online application form, two letters of recommendation, a current résumé, all undergraduate and graduate transcripts, GRE or GMAT test scores, three video essays or one written essay, and an application fee of $125. International applicants who do not come from an English-speaking country or who did not graduate from a college in an English-speaking country must also submit TOEFL, IELTS or PTE scores.

A GMAT waiver is available for potential applicants.

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