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Hough Graduate School of Business Online MBA

The University of Florida Hough Graduate School of Business offers both one-year and two-year MBA programs online through its Hough Graduate School of Business. The one-year online MBA program is designed for students who have earned a business undergraduate degree in the past seven years. The two-year online MBA is offered to candidates from any academic background or those who earned a bachelor’s in business more than seven years ago. The two-year program includes more core business requirements since its students will not necessarily have covered fundamentals in their earlier education or will benefit from a refresher.


The one-year online MBA program is comprised of 32 credits. Candidates can start in either early January or mid-August. The year begins with a required orientation in Gainesville on the University of Florida campus. This is followed by a required week-long Foundations Review—a refresher on core business concepts. While lectures and coursework are completed online, students are required to attend weekend residencies every four months. The school notes that exams will likely be administered on the Saturdays, while Sundays are dedicated to meeting with new faculty for the upcoming term. With regard to class structure, the one-year online MBA is cohort based. Students work with the same cohort in the first five terms of their studies.

After completing the first five terms, one-year online MBA students chooses four electives for their sixth term. These electives can be selected from four areas of focus: entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and international. Students also have flexibility in how they take these electives. They can continue to take the courses online over the course of four months, as they did in the first five terms. Alternatively, they can choose to complete their elective courses on campus in Gainesville over the course of an intensive week. Finally, an international trip, called a Global Immersion Experience, lets students fulfill an elective requirement for the International Focus Area. Recent destinations for the Global Immersion Experience have included Argentina, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, and China.

The two-year online MBA is comprised of 48 credits. The 16 additional credits beyond the one-year online MBA allow students to complete additional core requirements in finance, marketing, management, and more. After core requirements are met, the two-year online MBA mirrors the one-year online program in the sixth term. Participants in the two-year program can select from the same four focus areas for their electives as the one-year program and can choose to complete them in the same ways—either online or in an intensive week-long session on campus. Students can start the two-year online MBA in late January or late August.

Class Profile

Students in the Hough one-year online MBA program are usually around 28-years old, have about six years of professional work experience, a GMAT average of 600, and a 3.3 undergraduate GPA. Those in the two-year program are slightly older, averaging 31-years old, with eight years of professional work experience, a 610 GMAT score average, and a 3.2 undergraduate GPA.


University of Florida MBA and Business Career Services offer online MBA students a wide range of specialized career development tools. Students can partake in career assessments, remote video interviewing, and career development webinars. They also gain access to a résumé book and job board. Students who are partially sponsored by their employers must first secure approval from their company to access these tools. Those who are paying fully for their own education have full access to these resources.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Current tuition for the University of Florida one-year online MBA program is $48,000. Cost is broken down according to credit hours. For example, the Foundations Review is worth two credits and costs $3,000. Term 1, which requires 9 credit hours, costs $13,500. Based on the additional credits needed to complete the two-year online MBA, its tuition is $58,000.

In addition to Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans and private loans, graduate students can also seek Federal Direct PLUS Loans to cover the expense of their education. Those not eligible for Federal loans may also consider loans directly from the University of Florida. All candidates are considered for merit-based scholarships when their applications are reviewed. Scholarships may be based on work experience, academic performance, leadership, and other accomplishments.

Admissions Guidelines

The Hough Admissions Committee reviews online MBA applications on a rolling basis. Those interested in pursuing an online MBA from the University of Florida must complete the online application. Interviews are not required for the online MBA programs, but candidates may request one. There are seven steps to the process of applying for an online MBA at the University of Florida: register to apply, complete an Office of Admissions application, complete an MBA Supplemental application, email résumé, send official transcripts, submit two letters of recommendation, and send relevant test scores. The University of Florida prefers GMAT scores but will accept the GRE. Applicants with a doctoral/professional/terminal degree may be exempt from the GMAT requirement. International applicants must submit GMAT scores, not GRE scores, and depending on their English skills, they may also be required to provide a TOEFL/IELTS/MELAB score. The application fee is $37.

The average age of students in the one-year online MBA class is 28, and they bring an average of six years of work experience. The average GMAT score for the most recent entering class was 600, and the average undergraduate GPA was 3.3.

The average age of students in the two-year online MBA program is 31, and students bring an average of eight years of work experience. The average GMAT score for the most recent entering class was 610, and the average undergraduate GPA was 3.2.

Application Deadlines

Online One-Year MBA – Fall

Apply by: July 1, 2018
Class begins: August 12, 2018

Online Two-Year MBA – Fall

Apply by: July 1, 2018
Class begins: August 24, 2018

Online One-Year MBA – Spring

Apply by: December 1, 2017
Class begins: January 7, 2018

Online Two-Year MBA – Spring

Apply by: December 1, 2017
Class begins: January 26, 2018

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