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Oxford University 1+1 MBA Program Structure

The Oxford University 1+1 MBA is a two-year postgraduate program designed to combine the depth of a specialized, one-year Master’s degree with the breadth of a one-year full-time MBA. Most students begin with their Master’s specialization in the first year of the program and in the second take on the MBA curriculum.


In the Oxford University 1+1 MBA, Students take their MBA coursework along with a year of Master’s coursework, choosing from nine other University of Oxford departments – a diverse selection of MSc programs. These include, among others, the Departments of Education, Social Policy & Intervention, Criminology, and the Faculty of History.

Class Profile

Since the program is relatively new, substantial class profile information is not available. However, similar assumptions about profile and requirements should be made for 1 + 1 incoming classes as are for the one-year MBA programs. This program specifically seeks applicants who are looking to deepen their knowledge of a choice subject as well as acquire a broad base in management education.


The school’s Careers Center provides support for students throughout their time at Oxford, perhaps best evidenced by their student treks – student-organized visits to other parts of the world aimed to assess and experience what it is like to do business there. Students in this program have the same access to career services that traditional MBA students do.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of the Oxford University 1+1 MBA program is made up of the appropriate MSc tuition fees plus the cost for the MBA program. The cost for the MBA program in 2018-19 is £55,000. This includes college membership, tuition fees and a lifelong membership to the Oxford Union. There will be a limited increase in fees the following year.

Along with the other scholarships available to students, the Pershing Square Foundation announced in spring 2014 that it will make a £4.5M gift to fund up to five scholars per year in the 1+1 program, with the purpose of educating social entrepreneurs. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of a combination of academic and leadership potential, the intention to pursue a career with global impact and an articulate vision of how the 1 + 1 program could help in doing so. Once an applicant is admitted to the 1+1 program they will be asked to submit a short statement to be considered for the Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship, and short-listed applicants will be invited to interview with the scholarship panel.

Admissions Procedures

Applicants must meet the criteria for both the MBA program and the MSc department to which they intend to apply. Interested candidates should complete the online Oxford 1+1 MBA application, selecting 1+1 under the program of interest. As a second step, candidates must also apply to their target MSc program according to departmental application guidelines. Whilst most students have more than three years of prior work experience, Saïd does consider those with less work experience. In this case, the school looks for candidates who are able to demonstrate a high level of maturity, combined with evidence of leadership ability.

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