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Terry College of Business – University of Georgia - Master of Accountancy

University of Georgia Master of Accountancy Program Structure

There are three unique track options for those enrolled in the University of Georgia Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program at the Terry College of Business: a traditional 1-year; 5-year BBA/MAcc; or the JD/MAcc track. All classes in the program are taken on weekdays at the North Campus of the school’s Athens location, in the Terry Business Learning Community.


Depending on the length of time a student is in the MAcc program, they must complete 12-18 credit hours of core courses, three-to-six accounting electives, and six-to-12 credit hours of general electives. There are three specializations MAcc students can select from: auditing, taxation, and advisory.

Class Profile

The most recent University of Georgia Master of Accountancy class featured 72 percent Georgia-resident students, with 14 percent non-Georgia U.S. students, and 14 percent international students. The GMAT average is 600, the accounting undergraduate GPA is 3.32, and the overall undergraduate GPA is 3.61.

Career Statistics

University of Georgia’s Master of Accountancy program graduates see a 99 percent employment rate with a median annual salary of $53,500.

Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

University of Georgia Master of Accountancy tuition varies for in-state residents and the amount of credit hours completed. Georgia residents completing 1-11 credit hours pay $529 per hour. Twelve-or-more credit hours for in-state students costs $6,339. Out-of-state residents completing 1-11 credit hours pay $1,168 per hour, while 12-or-more credit hours costs $14,008.

Graduate assistantships require students to work at least 13 hours per week, offering select applicants a stipend of $7,300, reducing tuition to $25 per semester. However, the academic standards for assistantships are higher than average MAcc students. Previous recipients’ averages were a 3.85 overall GPA, 690 GMAT, and 3.95 accounting GPA. Out-of-state tuition waivers may also be available for select applicants.

Applicants may be eligible for federal or private loans, depending upon residency.


Admission to the University of Georgia Master of Accountancy program must apply through the Terry College of Business, submitting the following:

• Transcripts
• GMAT scores (waiver available for select students)
• Three letters of recommendation (two from accounting faculty, one other)
• Resume
• Statement of purpose
• TOEFL or IELTS scores (if necessary for non-native English speaking applicants or those who have not attended an English-speaking undergraduate institution)
• Certificate of Finances form (if necessary)
• $75 application fee

Application deadlines are as follows:

Tuition Assistance Deadlines

Summer: Jan. 15
Fall: Jan. 15
Spring: Sep. 15

General Admission Deadlines

Summer: Feb. 15
Fall: Feb. 15
Spring: Oct. 15

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