Schulich School Ranked #1 in Canada by CNN Expansión

For the 10th straight year, the Schulich School of Business at York University was ranked #1 in Canada by CNN Expansión. Overall, the Schulich School was ranked #24 among the world’s top business schools.

No other Canadian business school ranked in the top 50 in this year’s rankings, or at any other time in the history of the CNN Expansión ranking. The ranking is an annual global MBA survey, established in 2006 and conducted by CNN Expansión—a Latin American-based business media outlet.

In this year’s ranking, the Schulich School finished just behind Kellogg, IMD, and Cambridge, and ahead of Carnegie Mellon and CEIBS. For schools outside the US, Schulich School placed #9. And they placed #16 among business schools in North America. Overall, Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton took the first, second, and third spot, respectively.

The CNN Expansión ranking is a premier global survey titled, “Best Global MBAs.” The survey uses a broad range of criteria to rate MBAs around the world based on their Academic Quality, Return on Investment, and Global Value. The study is based on statistical methodology, data, and awards points in critical areas including international scope and orientation, average GMAT, post-MBA average salary, and faculty research output.

In a press release from the Schulich School, Dean Dezsö J. Horváth spoke about the ranking. “We’re proud to have been rated by a major global survey as one of the top 25 business schools in the world,” said Dean Horváth. “Today’s CNN Expansión results also mark the sixth time this academic year that one of Schulich’s MBA or EMBA programs has been ranked #1 in Canada by a global survey, and in one of those surveys, our MBA program was ranked #1 in the world.”

The Schulich School of Business is ranking among the world’s leading business schools over-and-over again by a number of different global rankings. Their EMBA program was ranked #5 by the Economist and #1 in Canada by the Financial Times.


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