GMAC Introduces New Features for GMAT Enhanced Score Report

GMAT enhanced score report

In early January 2016, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which owns and administers the GMAT, introduced the GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR), providing test-takers with deeper insight into their scores. Recently, GMAC unveiled a newer, enhanced version of the ESR, including three new features.

The new elements build on the initial ESR, which allowed users to look at separate result segments of the GMAT and compare themselves against other test-takers. In addition to giving the test-takers a percentage ranking to see where they stack up against potential competition, it also allowed them to pinpoint the areas in which they would benefit most from additional preparation. 

The newer enhanced version introduces three new elements to the ESR. The first is a percentage score indicating the number of questions the test-taker got correct, intended to provide greater understanding of the overall score. The second new element reveals the level of difficulty for each question, allowing test-takers to understand how they performed on the most arduous aspects of the exam. And the third newly introduced element is a time management outlook, giving test-takers an understanding of how long they took to answer each individual question.

GMAC has offered a demo version of this enhanced GMAT ESR for test-takers to try out, free of charge, to get a sense of how it works and the additional insight it provides. The newly improved GMAT ESR costs $24.95 USD. The ESR can be purchased before or after the exam is taken and is available to those who have taken the exam after October 1, 2013. Upon purchase, test-takers will receive an activation code good for the next five years.

For more details about the improved GMAT Enhanced Score Report, click here.

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