Here Are The Best Paid Internships In The U.S. Right Now


The illustrious and ever-elusive paid internship, for some, is nothing but a fever-dream. For MBA grads, however, the reality of earning one is astoundingly higher. U.S. grads take note: these are the highest-paid internships in the U.S., according to Statista.

Topping the list is New York City company Two Sigma Investments, an investment management company that takes a proactive scientific method to its product. The average monthly salary for interns lucky enough to join Two Sigma is $10,517 a month, which is more than double the average monthly salary of U.S. employees across the board. Two Sigma offers spare details of its 10-week program on its official website, which reads:

“We offer a 10-week paid summer internship program in Soho, NYC. Interns will attend internal speaker series, game nights, roof parties, 3D printing classes, food tours, Broadway shows, and much more. In Quantitative Research and Software Engineering, you’ll own a single project during the course of your time with us. We’ll assign you a mentor, and you’ll present your results at the end of the program.”

Following just shy of Two Sigma’s loft monthly total is DE Shaw Research, a private biotech research company also located New York City company. Students with primarily STEM backgrounds earn $10,500 per month at DE Shaw.

Coming in 3rd is Jane Street, another financial firm located in—you guessed it—New York City (with additional offices in London and Hong Kong) that focuses in equities, futures and commodities. The company offers a distinct range of internship opportunities, allowing students at all phases of their academic career potential entry into the program. The schedule for those that join, according to the company, also varies:

“Typically our summer internships run for 10-12 weeks between May and September. Our winter internships vary a bit more office to office. New York offers a one month winternship during January, while London and Hong Kong have longer winternship programs (usually 10-16 weeks) that run between November and May. For Australasia students, we have a summer internship program in Hong Kong which takes place from late November to late February.”

“These schedules are flexible, so if this timing isn’t exactly what you had in mind, don’t worry; we can work out the details later. You’ll also notice that we have an off-cycle internship application for our London and Hong Kong offices. If you’re not exactly sure what to apply for, selecting this option will allow you to specify your exact availability. We can help you sort it out from there.”

Rounding off the rest of the recently released list were a batch of tech companies with familiar names like SnapChat, Asana, Pinterest, Slack, Twilio and Facebook—all of which pay their interns north of $8,000 per month.

Infographic: The Best-Paid Internships In The U.S. | Statista

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