Metro News And Notes: Brexit Affecting UK Education, Hulu At UCLA And More

Brexit Affecting UK education

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Brexit Exacts A Heavy Toll On UK Business Schools | Financial Times

“Spain is open to business and open to foreigners in a way the UK no longer is. There is no anti-immigrant party in Spain.”

The assertive riff on the state of UK business schools comes from former London Business School Professor of Economics and Strategy in the Department for Management in a recent Financial Times piece from Jonathan Moules. The writer points out the gravitational shift of academics leaving UK institutions for work in other European countries following the UK measure to leave the European Union in 2016.

One year after UK voters decided by referendum to leave the EU, business schools find their academics are quitting to work in other European countries.

Nearly half of the 120 member institutions of the Chartered Association of Business Schools have been affected by last year’s Brexit vote, with 28 per cent saying that a number of their academic professionals have expressed an intention to leave the UK. Twelve per cent of schools have reported some difficulty in attracting teaching talent from Europe and 7 per cent say they have lost staff.

This, however, comes in direct contrast to student applications, which are relatively stable.

Applications by students from other EU countries rose by a quarter at the school last year, only slightly lower than the 28 per cent increase in applications from the rest of the world.

Read more from Moules here …

3 Questions to Ask About MBA Career Services | U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report reporter Ilana Kowarski asked around to find the important features in what effective career service offerings can bring to MBA students. Her findings were narrowed down to three provincial targets, the first of which was, “How successful are the program’s recent graduates?”

Do students specializing in studies actually end up in that specific industry? That can be a sign of a good career services program. If the opposite is true, be wary.

Read the rest of Kowarski’s questions here …

The CEO of Hulu Explains Why He Chose To Do A Part-Time MBA | Business Insider

“Mike Hopkins, now CEO of Hulu, was working in sales at Fox when he realized he wanted to grow in his role—so he looked into pursuing an MBA,” says Business Insider staff writer Abby Jackson. Speaking on the Wall Street Oasis podcast, Hopkins notes, “When I was at Fox, I really wanted to learn. I wanted to develop more skills. I wanted to understand a broader array of things around business, and I wanted to go back to school, so I went back part-time.”

Despite managing a high-level position, Hopkins managed to complete his MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management in just three years. What drove him there was more about asserting his career position. He says, “I think for me, the benefit of the school was much more about the confidence-building and the learning and a little bit less about the network, mainly because I stayed in the role that I was in when I graduated.”

Listen to the Wall Street Oasis podcast featuring Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins here …

What Is The MS/MBA At Harvard? | Harvard MBA Blog

While Clear Admit helped give us an incredibly comprehensive look at the brand new MS/MBA at Harvard Business School, the HBS community talked with professor Tom Eisenmann for his take on the new joint program. In the Q&A session, he launches into what kind of students can benefit from the program and why Harvard felt the need to bring it together now.

“The world needs more leaders with a deep understanding of technology and management. The Harvard MS/MBA program aims to help fill that gap by educating future leaders of technology ventures. The program will deepen graduates’ understanding of engineering, build their design skills, and provide them with a strong foundation in general management.”

Read the rest of the Eisenmann Q&A session here …

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