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Here are a few stories you may have missed from the week that was …

Stanford Offers Best MBA for Entrepreneurship | Financial Times

According to new data via the Financial Times, Stanford’s Graduate School of Business offers the best MBA for entrepreneurship. The publication notes, “Research shows that more than a third (36 percent) of Stanford MBA alumni from the class of 2013 started a company while studying or in the three years following graduation.”

Much of the research notes that alumni from Stanford GSB have a unique opportunity, not only earning the world’s premier business entrepreneurship education (for the third year in a row), in addition to the advantageous proximity to Silicon Valley. “The location of their MBA and the strength of the alumni network have a significant influence on where entrepreneurs set up their companies,” FT adds. “About 70 percent and nearly two-thirds of international entrepreneurs based in the US and in the UK already studied there.”

Read more on the FT story here …

Job Prospects Promising for New MBA Graduates | Globe & Mail

The new GMAC report, which we highlighted in detail, spells out good job news for MBA grads. Jennifer Lewington of The Globe & Mail notes the startlingly positive statistic that nearly nine out of every 10 companies will be looking to hire new MBA grads within the coming year. The data comes from a survey of over 600 companies across 51 countries.

“Demand for master of accounting graduates is holding steady, with 42 percent of employers expecting to hire these specialists this year, up from 39 per cent last year. On a regional basis, companies in Asia-Pacific and Latin America report higher demand for accounting master graduates than those in Europe and the United States, according to GMAC.”

The figures also bode well for graduates with other kinds of business degrees, “such as data analytics, information systems and supply chain management, beyond the traditional MBA.”

Read more from The Globe & Mail here …

NFL Wide Receiver Torrey Smith Earns His MBA

Current Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith is the latest NFL player to earn his MBA. The 28-year-old Virginia native, fresh off of signing a three-year deal with the Eagles, earned an Executive MBA for Artists and Athletes from the University of Miami. He formally made the announcement on his Twitter page, citing Jay Z lyrics.

5 Steps To Smarter Student Loan Borrowing | Forbes

Right off the bat in his newest Forbes article, investment strategy expert Zack Friedman lets it be known: “One secret to paying off your student loans faster is to be smarter about how you borrow them.”

He highlights some plainly obvious keys, including paying close attention to scholarships and numerous discounts, as well as maximizing federal loan flexibility and the all-important expected income ratio.

“If you are an MBA, medical, dental or law student, for example, it may be easier to pinpoint a general income road map after graduation.”

Read the rest of Friedman’s tips here …

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