First Integrated Business and Humanities Class Starts at DeGroote

DeGroote Launches Integrated Humanities

McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business has a surprise this year—and it’s all about integration.

The business school has joined two programs—humanities and business—to create a specialized program for students, according to a recent press release for Canada’s “next generation of business leaders.” Faculties from both McMaster’s schools of business and humanities helped create the new program, which the university offers this fall for the first time. Ever. Its name? The Integrated Business and Humanities (IBH).

“IBH will encourage community engagement and sustainable business practices, with a great deal of emphasis placed on responsible leadership and management tactics in a changing global economy,” said Program Director Emad Mohammad. Mohammad teaches accounting and financial management services at DeGroote. His research focuses on financial reporting and capital markets.

The school welcomed its first class of just 52 students. The class size was intentionally made small so that students can receive adequate individual attention from faculty. They were chosen based on their academic standing, leadership abilities, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and community service. Each student was interviewed online rigorously before being accepted into the program.

Nearly half of the cohort can speak more than one language. Their curriculum includes classes like Introduction to Ethics, Foundations of Community Engagement, and Questions to Change the World.

“We need business leaders with the ability to deal with uncertainty, and with the complexities generated by the multiple cultures, histories, systems, and viewpoints of our interconnected world, as well as leaders who understand the far-reaching consequences of their decisions, and are guided by an ethical framework,” Associate Dean of Humanities Anna Moro said. “The Humanities offerings in this program will help provide students with the foundation they need to develop these indispensable skills.”


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