Rotman Launching New MBA Program in Healthcare and Life Sciences

rotman healthcare life sciences mba

The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto will begin offering a new Global Executive MBA program in healthcare and the life sciences.

The Toronto-based university created the 18-month program to keep up with the industry’s fast-changing ways, according to a recent press release. Rotman wants to create leaders in the sector by teaching them the management skills and technical skills necessary to succeed in the healthcare and life sciences field.

While this MBA is the school’s latest health-based degree, it’s certainly not the school’s first. MBA candidates already have the option to major in Health Sector Management. This program is more geared toward healthcare delivery systems and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

The new MBA, however, will begin this semester, breaking up into five portions. Three will take place in Toronto, but the other two will fall elsewhere—in San Francisco and Singapore. Students will get a front-row seat to how the healthcare industry operates on a global scale. Individuals from life science firms, service delivery organizations, and global agencies are encouraged to apply for the program. It’s best suited for those who want to build their career.

“The program will focus on the most effective ways of organizing industries, whether in the public sector or the private sector to deliver the best healthcare and to make it more affordable,” says Brian R. Golden, Vice Dean of MBA Programs, in the press release.

The program will work with the school’s Centre for Health Sector Strategy, which Golden leads, to build upon its offerings on the topic. The Centre, according to Rotman, is “Canada’s leading academic provider of healthcare executive programs.” An additional plus? The city’s medical discovery district is not far at all. Students will have quick and easy access to innovations as they see fit.

“The health and life sciences sector is the most important industry in the world,” said William Mitchell, a Co-Academic Director of the Program, added. “Globally it has a huge impact on economic development and a huge impact on human life. Our new program will teach general management and leadership skills, with direct application to people working in life sciences and healthcare.”


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