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Ever year, new MBA graduates are entering the workforce, and companies throughout the world seek new ways to benefit from their educational experience and knowledge. Major companies like the Comcast Corporation seek young professionals to contribute their talent to the company in a number of different ways.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, Comcast is a telecommunications conglomerate that has been taking over the globe since its founding fifty-four years ago in Tupelo, Mississippi. From internet provider to producers of feature films through the NBCUniversal (another one of our favorite MBA recruiters) division, Comcast has an expansive number of markets it can reach.

Today, Comcast makes more than $19.7 billion in media revenue, 88 percent of which comes from its NBCUniversal division. The remaining revenue comes from its cable business and from ownership of the streaming service Hulu. As of December 2016, Comcast employed 153,000 people among its various divisions. Ever looking to expand its reach, Comcast offers a number of opportunities for ambitious MBAs to gain experience and start careers at one of the world’s top media conglomerates.

Why Work at Comcast?

The appeal of working at a company like Comcast can be seen in the numbers: close to one million people have applied for a job at Comcast or one of its divisions every year since 2012. One reason may be the diversity in the kind of work one can do at the company—from creating new television shows to creating new apps and innovative products. With roughly 2,000 positions available at any given time, Comcast is always seeking passionate and entrepreneurial individuals who will help shape the company as it continues to grow and change.

Comcast also offers employees a number of opportunities to grow in their careers and at the company. Valuing teamwork, creativity and entrepreneurship, the company is always looking to empower individuals that represent these features and provide opportunities for them to use their talents in more ways.

Getting Started

Current MBAs looking to get their foot in the door at Comcast have a couple of different ways to do so. Students in the first year of their MBA program have the chance to pursue an internship at the company’s headquarters in Philadelphia. The preferred candidate for this specific internship would be between their first and second year of an MBA program, and have more than five years of professional work experience. Internship focuses for MBA students can occur in a wide variety of fields, including:

  • HQ Functions
  • Video Business Unit Strategy
  • Internet Product Strategy
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Marketing Intelligence & Insights
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Integrated Talent Management

MBA students in their second year may also pursue a slot in Comcast’s MBA Rotational Leadership Program, which offers individualized placement into career-accelerating positions after a two-year rotational period. Students will have the ability to work on critical business projects in a variety of areas within Comcast and NBCUniversal, receive exposure to senior leadership through projects and development sessions, and gain access to mentorship through the programs cohort structure and interaction with peer advisors, mentors and program managers.

The ideal candidate for the MBA Rotational Leadership program has more than five years relevant work experience and a track record of academic excellence. The perfect MBA for this role must be a self starter, communicate effectively, and be passionate about innovation.

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What Types of Jobs are Available?

MBA students and graduates applying for jobs at Comcast after earning their degree will find a number of opportunities available. Here are just a couple roles currently open for MBA students and graduates:

  • Director of Contracts Management — Technical Operations 

The Director of Contracts management will be responsible for the drafting, evaluation, negotiation, and execution of all types of contracts. The director will monitor all contract work to ensure progress, assist in the training and development of a qualified frontline staff and manage the outsourcing of contract drafting and negotiations. The estimated salary for a Director of Contracts Management is between $98,000 and $144,000 per year, according to user statistics provided by Glassdoor.

  • Pricing Analyst

The role of Pricing Analyst at Comcast helps to provide insights to the finance and marketing departments to make decisions for pricing in the Comcast Business division. The person in this role will use business analysis to help gather data and create reports that can help provide business leaders with continued recommendation leaders. The role requires a deep understanding of operational processes, marketing strategy, and strong interpersonal communication abilities.

  • Senior Business Operations Manager

Currently open for applicants in the Philadelphia and New York City metro, the Senior Business Operations Manager role with FreeWheel, Comcast’s premium distribution advertising company, is part of the team “responsible for monitoring and providing insights into the health of the overall business.”

The role typically requires six or more years of professional experience and an MBA degree is preferred for the specific responsibilities of the position. According to user statistics provided by Glassdoor, Senior Business Operations Manager tend to make close to or more than six figures per year in the U.S.

  • Director, Strategic Analytics

This role, currently open in the Philadelphia metro, unsurprisingly requires a lengthy and comprehensive understanding of business analytics, down to requisite knowledge of tools like R, SAS, and SQL, as well as 10 or more years of professional experience in the fields of computer science, finance, marketing, statistics, economics, and other related fields. Like the Senior Business Operations Manager role mentioned above, an MBA degree is not explicitly required, but Comcast notes it is “strongly preferred” for the position.

Check out more of Comcast’s currently open positions for MBA students and graduates today.

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