What They’re Saying: Zuckerberg Testifies Amid Facebook Scandal

Facebook Scandal

Earlier this week, ultra-rich and seemingly malnourished social media monolith Mark Zuckerberg testified before a continually befuddled U.S. Congress about the Facebook scandal regarding the private information of its unwary users.

However, despite getting turned into a plethora of memes during his time in Washington DC, it’s patently unclear what, if anything, will come as a result of the testimony, in which Zuckerberg said that data was even coming from users who didn’t actually have their own Facebook accounts.

Zuckerberg’s appearance before Congress came within the short window of time in which Cambridge Analytica—the other company embroiled in ongoing Facebook scandal—watched as its CEO Alexander Nix stepped down from his role. Check out how business schools are reacting to the recent news below.

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