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US Relations

As summer roles on through North America, lets take a look at what has been going on at Toronto’s business schools.

Lessons in Chinese History As America Shuts Off From the WorldThe Conversation

Walid Hejazi, International Business professor at University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, recently wrote about how the possible trajectory of the U.S. under President Trump would be similar to that of China’s downfall in the 1800s.

Hejazi warned that Trump’s isolationist actions, such as his rejection of the Trans Pacific Partnership and imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, could close the U.S. off to the rest of the world.

“There is a clear contradiction between ‘make America great again’ and closing off from the world,” Hejazi wrote in The Conversation. “If the U.S. closes itself to the world, its future as a world leader in every way is at significant risk.”

You can read the entire Hejazi’s piece here.

CIBC Mellon Appoints Karen Rowe Chief Financial Officer – CIBC Mellon

Investment services company CIBC Mellon has announced that Karen Rowe will fill in as the brand new CFO. Rowe is also an acting member of the Advisory Council for the School of Accounting and Finance at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management. In a recently released statement, Rowe says:

“CIBC Mellon is well-regarded by institutional investors as Canada’s leader in asset servicing, and I am proud to join the company and support its financial management. I am looking forward to contributing to CIBC Mellon’s strong operational execution, service excellence and continuous improvement.”

You can read more about Rowe’s role at CIBC Mellon here.

Fulbright Scholar Award Powers Adam Fremeth’s Energy Policy ResearchNews@Ivey

Ivey School of Business Associate Professor Adam Fremeth has been officially named as the newest Fullbright Canada Scholar Award winner—the first school recipient to earn the award since 1990. He will be joining Indiana University in the U.S. from January to May of next year, “where he’ll research how electric utility firms are interacting with state regulatory bodies as well as the impact of energy policies, particularly in the area of renewable energy,” according to an Ivey press release.

Fulbright Scholar Award powers Adam Fremeth’s energy policy research

Ivey Associate Professor Adam Fremeth, the newest Fullbright Canada Scholar Award winner / Photo via

“A lot of my work deals with energy policy issues in the U.S. and being in Indiana and the Midwest more broadly allows me to get exposed to a lot more of those issues and to interact with, not just the academic community, but also the business and public policy communities they serve,” Fremeth said in the release. “I hope to bolster my research agenda, get some firsthand interactions in the areas I’m studying, as well as perhaps broaden my work with exposure to what people outside of Ivey and Canada are doing.”

You can read more about Fremeth’s work and the award here.


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