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Non-Compete Clause

Representatives from some of Toronto’s strongest business schools have made many contributions to help better their communities this week. Check out some best stories from the week.

Restaurant Brands International to Review ‘No-Poach’ Franchise AgreementsVancouver Courier

Restaurant Brands International, one of the largest global quick service restaurant companies, indicated that it may be re-thinking the ‘no-poach’ clause in employee contracts. ‘No-poach’ clauses (also known as non-compete clauses) prevent employees from one franchise location from moving to different competing franchise location within the same chain. Experts, including Maurice Mazerolle, Associate Professor at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management, believe the clause prevents wage growth for people working in this field.

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Restaurant Brands International, which operates Canadian-mega chain Tim Horton’s, may be ditching its “no-poach” clause for its employees.

“In theory, in a tight labour market it basically means you’re not going to be able to bid up wages to compete for those experience workers,” Mazerolle said in an interview with the Vancouver Courier.

Restaurant Brands International owns Canada staple Tim Hortons, as well as Burger King and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, with franchises in the U.S. and Canada. Representatives from the fast-food giant have said that they will be consulting their franchisee advisory boards to discuss changing the ‘no-poach’ clause in employee contracts.

You can read more about ‘no-poach’ franchise agreements here.

Medicine by Design and Creative Destruction Lab Partner to Accelerate the Commercialization of World-Class Research in Regenerative MedicineMedicine by Design

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL), a seed-stage program for science and tech companies that was launched University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management in 2012, has partnered with Medicine by Design to support the monetization of and nationwide access to regenerative medicine. CDL Executive Director Sonia Sennik said:

“The Creative Destruction Lab has a strong history of supporting health-based companies, and we are very excited to deepen this area of focus through our Health Stream. By partnering with Medicine by Design, we can expand a successful model to include companies on the cutting edge of cell therapy and regenerative medicine.”

Medicine by Design’s regenerative medicine initiative perfectly complements the CDL’s commitment to providing resources for health innovators. The CDL has locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Halifax, and New York City.

Read more about the partnership here.

Recycling Provides Manufacturers With Economic Advantages, Study SayIndiana University

Gal Raz, associate professor at Western University Canada’s Ivey Business School, and Gilvan C. Souza, professor at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, co-authored a study that appeared in Production and Operations Management. In the study, “Recycling As A Strategic Supply Source,” the researchers investigated how recycling could provide lucrative resources for companies in today’s changing supply market. The researchers found that recycling can prove to be a wise fiscal decision for companies in the metal cutting tool and inserts industry.

“Because you become your own supplier—you sell your products and you collect them and you recycle them—it gives you your own source of raw materials,” Souza said. The professors’ research showed that recycling can protect companies from changes in the market. According to Souza, recycling “insulates you from the volatility of the market, at least partially. You’re still buying some portion of your raw materials from the commodity market, which is volatile, but if that’s a smaller and smaller portion, then that’s a significant benefit.”

Read more about the recycling study here.


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