5 Questions With Imran Kanga, Rotman’s MBA Director of Admissions

Rotman MBA Director

In our latest installment of the MetroMBA “5 Questions” series, we speak with Imran Kanga, Director of Recruitment & Admissions of the full-time MBA program at the Toronto Rotman School of Management. Kanga discusses what students should know before applying and the culture of the program.

What type of MBA student flourishes at Rotman?

Imran Kanga, Director of Recruitment & Admissions of the full-time MBA program.

“Students who flourish in the Rotman full-time MBA program are highly driven and motivated individuals who have demonstrated leadership potential and academic excellence in their prior work and education. Our students also demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills and thrive in a team environment, which not only is a significant part of the program but also sets them up for success in the workplace after graduation.”

What should prospective students know about the Rotman MBA program before they apply/start?

“The Rotman MBA program is a big commitment, both in terms of time and money. I would encourage prospective students, before they apply or start the program, to thoroughly research the program, the university, the city, and the career opportunities that potentially await them. It is important for them to speak to faculty, alumni, our career coaches, current students, and also the admissions team to understand what the requirements are and what they can expect from the program.

The FT MBA program is extremely rigorous and demanding, but it is also a very rewarding experience, and students need to be prepared before starting the program.”

What makes Rotman stand out amidst other Canadian MBA programs?

“There are so many factors that distinguish the Rotman MBA from other Canadian programs. To focus on a few…

  1. Being part of Canada’s largest and top-ranked University, Rotman MBA students enjoy the benefits of not only all the resources that the business school offers but also the University of Toronto as a whole. This includes being part of an extended global alumni network and a strong brand that is globally recognized.
  2. Our location in the heart of the largest city in Canada gives our students unfettered access to the largest business network in the country.
  3. Rotman also has some unique labs such as the Creative Destruction Lab, which supports startups in technology and disruptive innovation to scale and also gives our students the opportunity to work with these companies. Our one of a kind Self-Development Lab uses advanced technology and analytics to help students improve their soft skills such as communication, negotiation and presentation skills.”

How would you describe the culture of Toronto Rotman?

“The culture at Rotman is very much student success driven. Faculty, staff, alumni, and various other stakeholders work closely with students throughout their MBA journey to ensure that they are set up for success both during and after the MBA program.

At Rotman, we are also extremely committed to diversity and inclusion. Our students are extremely diverse, coming from all over the world and have different education and work backgrounds, which fosters a culture of knowledge sharing, support, and collaboration.

Our Dean Tiff Macklem is focused on continuous improvement, innovation, thought leadership, and research excellence, which is also central to Rotman’s culture.”

Where is your favorite place to visit in Toronto? Why?

As a foodie, my favorite area of Toronto is the downtown core, which has a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines from all over the world, owing to the city’s incredibly diverse population.”


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