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London Business School

Sloan Masters In Leadership And Strategy

Program Structure

London Business School’s Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy program is designed for people with substantial experience who are looking to become truly effective leaders and create value for their organizations.

The program is designed for those who wish to affect change and execute value-driving strategies within their organizations and develop new styles of leadership for a changing world.

This is a full-time 12-month Masters Degree program. The majority of the classes are held between Tuesday and Thursday to give working professionals schedule flexibility. Outside of this, students are required to set aside time for skills sessions, private study, study group meetings, careers events, guest speakers, and club events.


Core courses are completed over the first seven months, and elective options can be taken from the end of the first term. Electives are run in different formats, some in single block weeks and some over 10-week terms up to the end of the program.

The core courses cover concepts in finance, management accounting, strategy, corporate governance, leadership and marketing. Students are also instructed on how these can be harnessed to drive and improve organizational performance.

Students are also required to take between five and eight electives. Electives give students the opportunity to customize their learning in areas of interest and to meet the needs of their organization.

Students can also participate in an independent project, which gives them an opportunity to tailor their learning experience to add value to their particular organization. The independent project can be directly related to an individual’s organization or can be related to an outside organization. This is an opportunity to hone strategic management in order to address critical business issues.

Participants are also required to complete an international assignment. This is a weeklong assignment that gives students a first-hand look at how business operates in other parts of the world. Students travel to destinations such as China, the United States, the Russian Federation, India, South Africa, or Argentina while accompanied by a member of faculty. Students will work in small teams, working closely with an organization on a real business project or visiting companies, NGOs, institutions, and consultancies to gain fresh insight into international business practices.

Class Profile

The most recent Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy class featured 61 total students – 20 percent of which identified as female. The class represented 25 total nationalities. Those that enrolled had an average of 17 years professional work experience.

Tuition & Fees

The cost for the program beginning in January 2017 is £58,655. This cost covers tuition, core course textbooks and some elective course textbooks and a fee of £5,000 when they accept their offer of a place on the program.

Application Deadlines

There are four application deadlines a year. Currently, the final application deadline for the January 2018 start date is September 13, 2017.

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