#ICYMI – Metro MBA Trends 03.12.16

#ICYMI: Metro MBA Trends

Welcome back to our weekly series, #ICYMI: Metro MBA Trends, where we round-up the hottest posts from the past week (in case you missed them). So, without further ado, here are the top 5 posts:

Millennials and the MBA

Because, Millennials are changing the face of the U.S. Born between 1980 and the mid-2000s, millennials represent nearly one-third of the total U.S. population, so their voice, opinions, and desires have a big impact.


The life of an MBA student is a long journey requiring equal parts dedication, focus, and patience to complete. If you are mulling over pursuit of an MBA degree, but are unsure of what challenges await, then make sure to check out the infographic below, which illustrates the major benchmarks of graduate business school students.

Where to Pursue a Sports Management MBA in the DC Metro

What does it take to get to the pinnacle of Sports Management? That’s easy: An MBA degree with a concentration in Sports Management. According to U.S. New and World Report, alumni of these programs work in a variety of fields, from branding and marketing to working with sports apparel, and from college athletics to sports nonprofits.

10 Coolest MBA Clubs in Philadelphia

If you’re looking to enhance your MBA experience as well as to gain priceless networking opportunities, membership in a student club could be the best choice for you. Schools in the Philly metro have a host of organizations for every interest.

8 MBA Billionaires

The true value of an MBA degree may be priceless, but for some graduates, the value can be measured in ten figures.

With benefits beyond a simple, textbook education- from expansive networking opportunities to opportunities for risk-free but real-world practice- there’s good reason to make your first investment in an education, even if it means putting aside dreams of luxury for a couple more years.


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