6 New Executive Education Programs Coming to Ivey Business School

New Ivey Executive Education Programs

The Ivey Business School at Western University in Toronto is revamping its executive education offerings, adding six new programs to address Canada’s evolving business sector.

“The Canadian business market has dictated to us the key competencies needed to remain relevant and successful in today’s global business environment,” said Mark Healy, Ivey’s Executive Director of Executive Education, in a press release. “I’m pleased to be able to address those needs with the launch of these six programs.”

The Ivey Executive MBA program already helps advance the careers of professionals, but these new additions will only further the school’s efforts. The programs will begin in fall 2017 and be offeredat the London and Ontario campuses, as well as Toronto.

Corporate Reputation Management
This “immersive” program will teach students how to plan for, respond and recover from situations where a business’ reputation is at risk. Once a company loses its rep, well, everything else goes down the drain, too. It’s important that professionals know how to handle those events.

Preparing for Disruption
One thing’s for sure: In business, always prepare for the unexpected. Sometimes, this looks like technological innovations. While good for the consumer, such change isn’t always good for a business. This addition will help participants look critically at their businesses and find any potential vulnerabilities or places where the market might negatively impact them—and then brainstorm to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Leading With Business Analytics
Data and numbers really are the future. This program will help businesses use these information to their benefit by showing them how other major players use data to stay competitive. Students will also learn the basics to some data analysis tools to stay in the loop themselves.

Mastering FinTech: Strategies for the Future
How does one protect themselves from the emerging FinTech market? Ultimately, those employed in the banking, finance or insurance sectors will benefit most because they’re the ones this technology threatens most. The program will show them how to create a proper response plan and even how to take advantage of this technology before competitors use it against them.

Design Thinking: Driving Innovation

Design is everything, they say. This couldn’t be more true in the world of business and customer service. This new program aims to teach participants all they need to know about using design to lead and ideate. This type of innovation is especially “crucial” to compete globally.


Many families pass their business down from generation to generation. There’s a science to doing that right. That’s where this program comes in. A successful transition requires specific strategies that address growth and trust. The Ivey School encourages families to take part in this program, but it requires a nomination.


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