Clear Admit Podcast featuring Georgetown’s Flex MBA

In this Clear Admit podcast episode, we explore a particular format for management education, rising in popularity: The Flex MBA.  Traditionally, a full-time MBA program is residential, takes place over two years and has an established academic calendar.  So, when it comes to a Flex MBA, is it part-time, full-time, online, in-class?  Special guest, Shelly Heinrich, associate dean of MBA Admissions and director of marketing at the Georgetown McDonough School of Business, joins Clear Admit’s Graham Richmond for a discussion about the format and fit of the Georgetown Flex MBA program.

Shelly Heinrich, Associate Dean of MBA Admissions and Director of Marketing, Georgetown McDonough

At McDonough, Heinrich leads the MBA admissions team in both its marketing and operational strategy to build awareness, recruit, yield, and retain the Full-time and Flex MBA programs. She also develops their integrated marketing strategy and manages teams in its execution.  Heinrich received a master’s degree in education from the University of Texas at Austin and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Texas Christian University. She recently completed a certificate of marketing from Georgetown University and the Executive MBA Program in the McDonough School of Business.

Tune in below for her insights into Flex MBA programs, what makes them special, and why they may be the perfect fit for you.  Happy listening!
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This Clear Admit podcast episode is brought to you by Georgetown McDonough School of Business. You already know you’re capable of greatness, but wondering just how much you can achieve isn’t enough. To truly have an impact on the world, you have to go find out exactly what you’re made of. It’s what sets the doers apart from the merely curious. With a curriculum designed to prepare you for the global stage, plus access to all Washington, DC has to offer, Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business is the perfect launchpad for your career. Get started at  

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