Henley Business School – University of Reading

University of Reading Full-Time MBA Program Structure

The University of Reading full-Time MBA at Henley Business School program takes place over the course of one year, as is common with many European programs. Students earn their degrees in 12 months in a cohort over a course of three separate terms at the Whiteknights campus.


The University of Reading full-Time MBA is fairly rigid in its curriculum structure, as all students take almost all the same courses in the same order. The first term includes the courses Managing People, Operations Management, Finance Management, and Marketing Management. In the second term, students take Management in an International Context, Strategy, and an elective course. The third term includes an International Study visit as part of a Corporate Reputation and Responsibility course, in addition to Leadership and Change and students’ choice of a Business Project or a Dissertation.

Class Profile

This program is for professionals with a minimum of three years’ work experience. Henley has a large amount of international students. Henley’s class sizes are small.


Noteworthy career destinations for Henley full-time MBA graduates include Accenture, Microsoft, and Google. Henley students have full access to the school’s Career Development Services department, which offers online resources, careers consulting, workshops, and others events.

Tuition & Financial Aid

The University of Reading full-Time MBA program’s tuition is £35,000, which includes accommodations for a trip to South Africa and a £1,000 deposit. Fee reductions directly from the institution are available, in addition to loans, grants, scholarships and bursaries that vary in magnitude are given to a range of qualified students.

Admissions Procedures

To be admitted to Henley Business School, students are required to have three years of relevant work experience, an undergraduate degree, competence in English, and in some cases a GMAT or GRE score. The average GMAT score is approximately 600, but depending on individual applicant’s’ prior academic grades and work experience, a GMAT score may not be required.

Application Deadlines

Final Deadline – June 30, 2017 for the class beginning in September 2017.