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Lehigh University College of Business and Economics - Part-Time FLEX MBA

Lehigh University Flex MBA Program Structure

The Lehigh FLEX MBA creates an environment that challenges its students to think in unaccustomed ways. Students are taught how to be clear and concise, yet critical thinkers, and also how to evaluate alternative strategies and action plans associated with the myriad of challenges evident in prototypical and non-prototypical business enterprises.

Students can opt to participate on campus or online each day through our unique synchronous ClassroomLIVE experience, depending on what their schedule that day dictates. ClassroomLIVE delivers programs synchronously in real-time from classrooms on Lehigh’s campus to students, in their homes, at their workplaces, or while traveling. Students interact with professors and other students during the class as it’s actually taking place in real-time on campus. It’s the ultimate, convenient hybrid learning environment.


The Lehigh FLEX MBA is a 36-credit program that is completed at a part-time, personalized pace, on campus or online through ClassroomLIVE technology, or through a culmination of both to fit your busy schedule. The core is comprised of 21 credits; the remaining 15 credits are electives, from which a student may choose to specialize in a concentration area if desired. Concentrations areas include Business Analytics, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Project Management and Supply Chain Management. A concentration does not need to be declared at the time of application.

The FLEX MBA program begins with a mandatory weekend orientation and ends with a capstone course that draws upon the student’s knowledge acquired during the FLEX MBA core curriculum experience. In-class teams closely resemble cross-functional corporate teams where each person has a different and valuable set of knowledge, skills and experience. By combining industry projects, high-level class discussions, case analyses, and a computer simulation competition, the FLEX MBA core exposes students to rigorous theoretical analysis while providing hands-on, simulated real world business experiences.

On average, it takes a student about 3.5 years to complete this part-time MBA program. A student can choose to go at a faster or slower pace depending on their work or personal schedule.


Lehigh University’s College of Business and Economics has a dedicated Director of Career Services for Graduate Programs. FLEX MBA students have full access to the following Career Services resources as a collaboration between the Center for Career and Professional Development and the Graduate Programs Office: career coaching and advising, career education, digital tools, and events and resources to connect with alumni and employers.

Tuition & Financial Aid

The FLEX MBA tuition cost is $38,700 for the full 36-credit program. The current cost per credit hour is $1,075. Tuition for the MBA & Engineering Joint degree program is $1,500 per credit hour and for the MBA & Educational Leadership Joint degree program is $825 per credit hour.

If your graduate tuition at Lehigh University is reimbursed to you by your employer, you can request a deferment of payment. This option allows students to obtain a record of their final course grade before tuition payment is due; some employers require final course grades before tuition reimbursement will be disbursed. Lehigh University offers a graduate tuition payment plan for the fall and spring semesters.

College-awarded, merit-based scholarship and financial aid is available. Applicants must receive an offer of admission as a regular student in order to be considered. Merit-based scholarship and financial aid is awarded based on academic performance and in some cases, work experience. The University’s Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping students attain a Lehigh University education, no matter your financial circumstances.


Applicants must have at least two years of full-time professional work experience to apply, and Lehigh notes that students average eight years of work experience upon matriculation in the program.

FLEX MBA applicants must submit an online application form and a $75 application fee, a current resume, recent GMAT or GRE test results, official transcripts from all universities attended, and two letters of recommendation submitted through the online application.

Applicants who hold an academic doctorate, juris doctorate, or medical doctorate will automatically be exempt from having to submit GMAT/GRE scores (must be equivalent to a U.S. Doctoral degree from an accredited university). Applicants to the program may be considered for a waiver of the GMAT/GRE requirement if one of the two following conditions are met: 10 years of full-time professional experience or a master’s degree combined with a minimum of 6 years of full-time professional experience. The nature of the professional experience, previous academic record, and other professional distinctions will all be considered in the review process and not all applicants will qualify for a test exemption. Waiver applicants must submit all application requirements except GMAT/GRE scores by completing an application through the Online Application System. The GMAT/GRE waiver request will be reviewed by the MBA Admissions Committee.

Lehigh notes that applicants are strongly recommended to request admissions interviews, although interviews are not required for admission.

The Lehigh FLEX MBA application also includes an essay question, asking applicants to provide a summary of their career objectives and relevant work experience, their chosen field of graduate study, and the leadership experience and skills they plan to contribute to their peers at Lehigh.

Application deadlines are as follows:

A complete application must be received by the listed deadlines. Deadlines that fall on a weekend or holiday are extended to the next business day.

We recommend that you start gathering your materials a few months in advance of the application deadline. This ensures that you have enough time to request transcripts from your undergraduate institution, register for and take the GMAT or GRE, and obtain letters of recommendations from past professors or employers.

 Fall Spring  Summer
Domestic Students July 15 December 15 May 1
International Students May 1 December 1 N/A


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