MBA Job Profile: Senior Analytics Consultant

Senior Analytics Consultant

If you’re interested in big data, including developing and implementing analytics solutions at an organization, a job as a Senior Analytics Consultant could be ideal for you. You’ll be responsible for creating data mining projects and using that information to increase consumer brand awareness and revenue.

Currently, it’s still a somewhat developing field. However, many top companies regularly hire Senior Analytics Consultants, including Wells Fargo, Deloitte, Humana, Accenture, and KPMG. And, by 2020, the big data and business analytics market may reach $203 billion.

What is a Senior Analytics Consultant?

Senior Analytics Consultant are responsible for examining systems and recommending methodologies for improving data and usage. This includes executing data quality and data auditing plans as well as evaluating and presenting on your findings. In fact, one of your major job duties will be creating reports and suggesting business process changes for business users based on your analysis of large amounts of information and data. You’ll also be responsible for interviewing users to identify data needs and delivery mechanisms while also documenting process flows to fulfill business needs.

The role of a Senior Analytics Consultant is similar to most other consulting positions. You’ll be expected to demonstrate leadership qualities will also working well with a team. Regularly, you’ll work closely with other business departments on time-sensitive projects that you’ll have to prioritize in order of importance. In particular, you’ll be expected to demonstrate specific skills including:

  • Data Analysis
  • Web Analytics
  • Data Modeling
  • Project Management
  • SAS
  • SQL
  • Statistical Analysis

In fact, according to PayScale, knowledge of web analytics, data modeling, and project management correlate to a pay increase of 23 percent, 17 percent, and 13 percent, respectively.

How Much Does It Pay?

As for what you can expect to earn as a Senior Analytics Consultant, on average base pay starts at $133,343 and generally ranges from $116,885 to $147,822. Top earners may expect salary around $164,298.

However, salary can vary greatly depending on experience. About 38 percent of Senior Analytics Consultants have between just zero and two years of experience, while another 38 percent have between five to ten years of experience. The remaining 25 percent have between two and five years of experience.

Pay also depends on where you’re willing to live. Boston pays the best with average salaries 28 percent above the national average while Minneapolis is one of the worst paying with salaries 7 percent below the national average. Other cities that pay well include:

  • Seattle (5 percent above avg)
  • Atlanta (5 percent above avg)
  • New York (4 percent above avg)
  • San Francisco (4 percent above avg)
  • Chicago (2 percent above avg)

Getting Started

The minimum requirement to be a Senior Analytics Consultant is a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, accounting, or a related field. Typically, industry experience in analytics reporting and industry-standard analytics software is also preferred. There are also potential industry certifications that can improve your chances such as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Big Data – Specialty. Other potential certifications can be found here.

Another great place to start in this career is with an MBA from a top-notch program. Here are a few of our favorite programs to help you on your career path.

Harvard Business School

In March 2018, Harvard Business School welcomed its first cohort of students to its online certificate program in business analytics. This certificate goes into the latest research on how data analytics plays a role in business and brings together HBS with the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. MBA graduates are welcome to expand their analytics skills with this immersive experience.

The Wharton School

The Wharton School knows what it takes for a career in data and analytics—significant research and networking. That’s why for MBAs at Wharton there are many opportunities to expand your skill and background in this area. There’s the MBA Data and Analytics Club (WDAC) and the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (WCAI), both of which stress the field of analytics. Wharton MBA students also have access to workshops where they can learn coding languages including R (Open Source Software), SQL, and Tableau.

Tepper School of Business

At Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, students can earn an MBA in Business Analytics. This specialized MBA program offers advanced courses in data analytics to improve business outcomes including theoretical and broad application knowledge. The program looks for business-minded students who want to develop their skills to make better data-driven business decisions. When students graduate, they walk away with hands-on experience in analytical tools and methodologies that will be valuable for their future careers.

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