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Cal State Long Beach Evening MBA Program Structure

The Cal State Long Beach Evening MBA is a self-paced MBA, where students determine how many classes they take each semester. Students can also select from one of eleven specializations or obtain a general MBA. The Evening MBA program admits students for both the fall and spring semesters.


The Cal State Long Beach Evening MBA is a self-paced program where students manage their own degree as either full-time or part-time. Classes meet weeknights from 7:00 to 9:45 p.m with some classes from 4 to 6:45 p.m. The program can be completed in two to four years, with most students completing the program in their third year. Summer classes are also be available.

Part-time MBA students start their studies with a weekend residential orientation in Downtown Long Beach to prepare them for the rest of their MBA careers. This experiential learning course teaches ethical decision making, the fundamentals of team dynamics, case analysis strategies and career preparation and planning skills. This helps the student start the program ready to excel in the classroom as well as work in collaborative learning groups. The CSU MBA consists of an aggregate of 48 credit hours to complete the program.

Class Profile

In the typical Cal State Long Beach Evening MBA class, 80 percent of matriculated students are U.S. citizens, while 20 percent identify as international, and minorities account for 47 percent of the class. The average GMAT and GPA earned by students are 561 and 3.21 respectively. The typical evening MBA student has seven years of professional experience. The average age of students enrolled in the MBA programs is 27.


The graduate business school has both a Career Coach and an Employer and Internship Development person that work exclusively for our graduate program.  Our Career Coach provides the full spectrum of career planning to help students as they seek to make career changes and move up in their companies.  It includes workshops on networking and interviewing as well as self-assessments to clarify career goals.

We also provide special workshops and support for international students seeking to obtain CPT’s and OPT’s after graduation.

In addition, there is an active Graduate Business Association that links alumni with students through workshops and networking events during the academic year.  Interested students can also participate in the CBA Incubator and the Innovation Challenge.  This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in starting their own business.

Tuition & Financial Aid

In addition to the base fee, Evening MBA students are charged $254 per unit for the Graduate Business Professional Fee, and non- residents of California are charged $372 per unit. The following is a cost per credit breakdown for both California and non-California resident students. This does not include the cost of books, parking and other fees.

CA Resident Students

  • 3 Units – Base Cost: $2,447 ; Prof. Fee: $762 ; Total = $3209
  • 6 Units – Base Cost: $2,447 ; Prof. Fee: $1,524 ; Total = $3,971
  • 9 Units – Base Cost: $3,863 ; Prof. Fee: $2,286 ; Total = $6,149
  • 12 Units – Base Cost: $3,863 ; Prof. Fee: $3,048 ; Total = $6,911
  • 15 Units – Base Cost: $3,863 ; Prof. Fee: $3,810 ; Total = $7,673

Non-Resident / International Students

  • 3 Units – Base Cost: $2,447 ; Prof. Fee: $762 ; Non-Res Fee: $1,116 ; Total = $4,325
  • 6 Units – Base Cost: $2,447 ; Prof. Fee: $1,524 ; Non-Res Fee: $2,232 ; Total = $6,203
  • 9 Units – Base Cost: $3,863 ; Prof. Fee: $2,286 ; Non-Res Fee: $3,348 ; Total = $9,497
  • 12 Units – Base Cost: $3,863 ; Prof. Fee: $3,048 ; Non-Res Fee: $4,464 ; Total = $11,376
  • 15 Units – Base Cost: $3,863 ; Prof. Fee: $3,810 ; Non-Res Fee: $5,580 ; Total = $13,253

Evening MBA students can apply for financial aid. All United States citizens and permanent residents of the United States may be considered for federally funded programs. Most student loans are based on either financial need or creditworthiness and are available only to US citizens and permanent residents. Howard students commonly use the Federal Stafford Loan Program, Alternative Education Loans, and the ACCESS Loan Program. Private loans may also be available.

 Admissions Requirements

Admission to the Evening MBA is twice a year, for spring and fall. Admission to the Evening MBA requires a two-step application process.

1) Apply to the university via

2) Apply to the program via

According to the policy established by the Graduate Programs Committee (GPC), applicants to the Evening MBA program may waive the GMAT/GRE test requirement, if they can demonstrate seven years or more of significant managerial work experience.

The Evening MBA program must have maintained a GPA of at least 2.75 in their previously earned undergraduate degree. Those submitting GMAT scores need to have scored a minimum of 550 with a 4.0 in analytical writing .If students elect to submit a GRE instead of GMAT they must have scored At least 150 in each verbal and quantitative section and at least 4.0 in the analytical writing section.

 Application Deadlines

The deadline for students to apply for the Fall semester is May 31.  The deadline for students to apply for Spring semester is November 1.

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